Wedding: Dress Advice from Weddingbells’ Editor-in-Chief Alison McGill

Time is going by so quickly. One of the items on my list in the distant future is the dress. I'm actually the oldest in my family and the first to get married- so the whole process is a new one. 

I'm extremely lucky to give this exclusive advice from Weddingbells’ Editor-in-Chief Alison McGill!

When is it the best time to look for your dress? One year before? Six months?
The sooner you can start shopping for your dress the better. Some dresses can take up to six months to manufacture and deliver so that’s why the more time you allow the better.

Where should you get dress inspiration from?
There are so many places to find dress inspiration. You can definitely find it with Weddingbells, both in our magazine pages and online where we post extensive galleries of the newest designer collections from New York and London (Spring 2015 collections were posted earlier this month). Pinterest of course is also an endless source of inspiration for all things weddings. Read fashion magazines, and I also recommend looking to the red carpet to see what celebrities are wearing—it is one of our main sources of inspiration at Weddingbells!

Who should you bring along when you go dress shopping? (Who shouldn’t you bring?)
When you are bridal dress shopping, keep the crowd to a minimum. I advise bringing only one or two people with you—and as for who you invite, that’s completely up to you. It should be people you are comfortable with, whose opinion you value and who will make the day a fun one for you. That might be your mom, sister, best may even be your fiancé. Most women still want the dress to be a surprise for the groom on their wedding day but we are seeing some brides who do take their mister-to-be along for dress shopping.

When going dress shopping what are three helpful tips to keep you organized?
1. Go in with an open mind. The dress style you may think you will never wear might turn out to be the one.
2. Before you go dress shopping, be sure to be fit and measured for proper undergarments! I can’t stress this point enough. It is totally going to impact how things fit and what looks good on you.
3. Don’t overschedule your shopping. You may think booking a ton of appointments in one day to visit bridal boutiques would be an efficient way to shop and see lots of options, but it will lead to wedding dress overload! Pace yourself and book no more than three appointments in one day.


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