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Are you wearing your right size?

Hope my title got your attention! I was recently contacted by Triumph (lingerie company) with some interesting stats and useful information.

It’s the bra’s 100th anniversary this year, and Triumph discovered 76% of the world’s women are still wearing the wrong size bra.

I believe that percentage. In my opinion, it's hard for some women to find a bra size at times because our bodies are always changing. We gain/lose weight, hormones, pregnancy and after child birth.

I can wear a certain size at H&M and go into The Bay and get a totally different size. It's annoying but we need to come to a realization that something has to change.

Here are 5 sure signs that you're wearing the incorrect bra size:
  1. Your underwire is sticking out.
  2. You’re overflowing out of your cup.
  3. The center of your bra does not rest on your skin.
  4. The cups are sagging or baggy.
  5. You’re in pain.
Triumph is challenging the world’s women to ‘Stand Up for Fit’ in 2014 to get more out of their inner and outer fashions.

I know that someone who reads this has their head down in shame. I think it's time to visit a Bra Fitting Stylist. Think of them as your fairy God"Bra"mother.

To book a personal fitting with an expert Triumph Bra Stylist at select Hudson’s Bay locations, email: Please let me know how it goes!

Good Luck!