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Where to get Canadian discount codes!

As a Canadian, the worst thing you can see you while shopping online is "We do not ship to Canada". Huh?! I'm always so confused and upset when I see that. 
Especially when the store is USA-based. 

Or when companies do ship to Canada but the shipping cost is tripled. I can't remember what the company was but I had put a $20 worth of items in my checkout and taxes alone was $15. Huh?! I just hit the X and signed right out. No thank you!

These stats maybe a bit out of date but still relevant: In 2012, Canadians spent $18.9 billion online according to Stats Canada. Let me say that again.. $18.9 billion dollars! That's insane!

I'm always looking for discounts/promo codes which work for Canadians. I shouldn't put more effort into tweeting them or putting them into blog post so all Canadians can enjoy.  I was recently introduced to a website called flipit with deals with Canadian only promos/discounts. 

One of the things that I really like about the website is that you can browse by categories. Like fashion and accessories or shoes. My favourite L'Occitane hand cream is almost out and with a promo code it helps my overall online purchase. 

Do you have any funny online shopping stories?

I was sponsored for this post.