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Mark Wonder Glow Blush & Glow

Mark by Avon claims that the Mark Wonder Glow Blush & Glow can be worn as a blush or as an all-over luminizer, its an ultra-fine powder that works wonders for any complexion no matter wear you dust it and instantly takes skin from dull to radiant.

The Blush & Glow is a beautiful mosaic. The outer ring of the mosaic is a very warm almost bronzy peach and the inner ring is more rose, mauve and gold shimmer. I was a bit concerned with this product as I am considered a Winter II on the seasonal colour chart so I usually need a cool toned shade. Seeing as I am such a fair lady this product is a highlighting blush I wouldn’t be able to use it any other way.

This powder is soft, pigmented and very silky. I decided to swirl my brush into this product and just go for a highlighted peachy cheek and I really liked it. I did have to blend and use a light hand but if you had a darker skin tone I think you would be fine to just slap the blush on or even use it as an illuminator.

Lets say Nars Orgasm and Nars Deep Throat had a baby… the colour product of this union would be Blush and Glow. There is a distinct peachy pink colour like orgasm but the shimmer is more like the shimmer you get from Deep Throat and for only $18.00 you cant really go wrong. This is one of those items that if you have a mineralized skin finish or a shimmer peach blush already you might not need it but if you are on the hunt for one at an under $20 price point you should really give it a chance.