Blush for Dark/Deep skin tones?

I have noticed, getting some ladies who are dark/deep skin tones to wear blush is difficult. I will admit it, a lot of us have had a bad experience with blush (or know/seen someone who didn't do it right). What a lot of people don't know is that blush can be the missing piece to putting a look together.

Dark/Deeper skin toned girls, whenever your lost picking a blush just go for oranges and fuchsias. 

For Spring/Summer, opt for a powder blushes.
For Winter/Fall, opt for cream/gel blushes. I used E.l.f. Studio HD Blush in Encore and I'm very happy with the pay off. I bought this one at IMATS.

Do you have a favourite blush at the moment?


  1. I have Elf HD blush in superstar, I really like it :)
    Encore looks great too!

  2. I have quite a few blushes, but my fave is MAC Love Joy. It shows up beautifully on my skin without being over the top. I also like the Milani blushes. They look great on without being too much.

  3. You right about the blush adding that finishing touch to your makeup.

  4. I love that blush too! Mine right now is Sleek's Flushed


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