Did CND Vinylux polishes live up to the hype?

I have seen some of my fellow beauty bloggers trying out the CND Vinylux polishes recently and I was excited to get my hands on the line.

I'm a huge fan of CND shellac polishes. We all know how popular they are in the nail salons. 
I expected the same thing out of the Vinylux line. 

My biggest attraction to the polishes is the fact that they come off like regular polish.
I got the 7 piece The Forbidden mini collection from nailpolishcanada.
Blue Rapture, Night Glimmer, Burnt Romance, Steel Gaze, Dark Dahlia and Tinted Love.

When applied with CND Vinylux Topcoat, Vinylux shades lasts for a week on the nails. Vinylux is a simple two step process that requires no base coat and is applied like regular polish. First, apply 2 layers of colour then apply Vinylux Topcoat. With natural light exposure the Vinylux Topcoat gets more durable resulting in a week long manicure.

It's beautiful! So creamy and vibrant.
If I had to score it on just formula, It would get a 10!

This is where I get baffled. I did everything the bottle said.
Some nails would stay almost chip-free and others would look horrid after day 3.
I have no idea what happened.
I'm still on the fence about this product. 

Has anyone else had the same issue with the CND Vinylux polishes?
Is there a technique that I should be using?


  1. I am pretty obsessed with VINYLUX (as you know). I have experienced some chipping really quickly, but I've always chalked it up to user error // being really tough on my nails. I've noticed I get chips if I use my nails as tools (guilty) or have to use my hands a lot more than usual. Usually my pointer and middle fingers are the first to go, so it makes sense. My girlfriend had hers last 9 days so I Have high hopes.

  2. I love the CND Vinylux polishes, only because I am too lazy to do the shellac on me. At first I was very disappointed with them, chipped in like 2-3 days. But what I do now is use a base coat with them, either CND Sticky base or Nail Tex base and ridge filler. This seems to make them last longer, they still chip but not as fast.

  3. ^ditto the base coat thing.
    I tried it out at a Girls Night In with some friends, and it looked disastrous after the second full day for me. I was shocked...but apparently a base helps it last longer. I think I would prefer to stick to my regular SOG's though...though it takes much longer to apply, haven't been disappointed by them yet~


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