Top Ten Island Honeymoon Essentials

I was asked by one of my good friends what would be my top ten Island honeymoon essentials for an island vacation. I had a LONG list of items that you would usually forget or overlook when packing. I thought this would be perfect for the blog since I haven’t done a honeymoon essential post since 2015. 

If you’re prepping for your honeymoon and stumbled on this post - get a piece of paper out and let’s go. Or just screenshot. Haha! Whatever works.

  1. Bug Spray
    Honestly right now Zika is still a thing and before you go anywhere depending on your family plan it’s always best to check the location to see how high the threat of Zika is. With that being said it’s logical that bug spray will be on your list. 
  2. Sunscreen
    Very important for all skin tones. I find that darker skinned individuals forgo sunscreen completely and then end up coming back in complete disarray about how burnt they got on vacay. Wait.. I’m talking about myself... kinda sorta. On my most recent vacation to Jamaica with my husband we stayed outside for hours. Have you been to Negril?? It’s so dreamy! We stayed outside for hours. We used sunscreen but one thing I can admit that we did not do was re-apply. But I can only imagine what would have happened if we didn’t have it!!!!
  3. Waterproof camera
    One of the best purchases we did from Best Buy. The shots we got are so fun! The memories don't end when you get back! 
  4. Plastic bags
    Just to separate your dirty from your clean clothes. You laugh but trust me! It will be the biggest help come time for laundry.
  5. Anti-Nausea pills
    This doesn't even need an explanation but when you and your boo get sick from food positioning.... You will thank me. I’m not wishing it upon you BUT it’s just a simple precaution. 
  6. Cough syrup and sinus medicine
    Been there done that. Climbed a waterfall high of sinus medication once. I have the pics to prove it lol.
  7. Lysol wipes
    This place will be your home for a week. It’s important that it’s clean as possible. 
  8. Clutch
    Just something to hold the essentials. Room keys, lip colour, mirror... etc
  9. Insulated Cup
    If your trying to do the whole resort thing your own cup is key. I’m alway cautious of the cups at the resort.
  10. Socks/sneakers
    Sooo useful if you decide to use a resort gym or go on an excursion.
Do you think I'm missing anything?


  1. As much as I travel I know better !!! But from your list I only pack Lysol wipes and socks I must do better ...
    Trenesia Nicole

  2. I have to get better with packing essentials my lysol wipes and socks stay in my purse everything else you can forget it

  3. Great list! Don’t forget a sunhat! I’m honeymooning over 4th of July weekend and I’m so ready after reading this. I’m starting my packing list right now ��


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