GUEST POST: Three Gym routines that you should start doing in 2018

Get it right and get it tight! 2018 is your year to step up your fitness game. If you're new to the gym, or if you're an avid gym attendee check out my 3 suggested gym routines you should start doing in 2018! For more fitness routines and for some fitness motivation be sure to follow my instagram account @simplyeseeri. Now let's workout!

 *Please note, I am not a fitness professional. I'm just a regular person who is enthusiastic about fitness and enjoys sharing what has worked for me. Perform the above routines at your own risk.*

I'm an avid stair master user. It is my go-to cardiovascular gym machine. The reason why I love it so much is because it targets all of your lower body. When I'm in a rush, or if I want to break out in a crazy sweat in under 1 hour I always do a high intensity interval training (HIIT) routine on the stair master. HIIT routines help you to boost your standard steady-state cardio workout because they force your body to work outside of its comfort zone.

Warm Up
Speed/Level 5 for 5 minutes

Phase 1
Speed/Level 6 for 5 minutes
Speed/Level 7 for 5 minutes
Speed/Level 8 for 5 minutes

Phase 2
Speed/Level 5 for 5 minutes
Speed/Level 9 for 5 minutes
Speed/Level 7 for 5 minutes

Cool Down
Speed/Level 5 for 5 minutes

2. Keep It 100
This routine is easy to remember and gives you a great total body burn. When completing each repetition I would suggest you focus on maintaining perfect form to really feel the impact of your workout.

Phase 1
10 minute run on the treadmill
50 push ups
50 arm curls with 5-10lbs of weight
100 crunches

Phase 2
10 min run on the treadmill
100 bicycle crunches
100 squats with 20-30lbs of weight

Phase 3
10 minute run on the treadmill
100 fire hydrants
100 curtsy lunges

Stretch for at least 15 minutes

3. Quick and Dirty
This routine is something that I do when I want a full body cardiovascular and strength workout done in about 1 hour because I'm short on time.

20 minutes on the stairmaster machine
100 squats with 30lbs of weights
40 shoulder press with 30 lbs of weights
25 Russian twists
25 crunches
25 reverse crunches
Stretch for at least 10 minutes

                 Guest post by Canadian Beauty Blogger Contributor: My Spiced Life- Eseeri

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