Five things that I wish I knew about Lash extensions

I know I'm totally getting annoying talking about my lash extension experience.... But I really miss them! Currently.. saving money is the goal. So things will have to be sacrificed. There is a lot that I wish I knew before I became so addicted.

Number one:
Super corny but how "easy" it makes your life. I would literally just slap on concealer, lipgloss and go about my day and feel glamorous. No lie... you would honestly feel camera ready for EVERY/ANY occasion. 

Number two:
Listen when they tell you that can’t get them wet in the first 48 hours. I always try to get them done a bit before I go on vacation- so that it doesn't affect my beach plans. In other words, on day 4 of vacation I want my lashes still look even.

Number three:
Not all curl patterns will work for you. I loved a mix of a C and D curl. I have extremely curly lashes and some blends didn't work on me at all.  It's a bit of trail and error in the beginning.

Number four:
The initial appointment feels like it will take forever. Expect to sit in the chair for up to two hours when you get your first set. After that can be 45 minutes to an hour for refills

Number five:
Now how naked you could feel when they come off. I did lashes from 2015 to 2017 with very little breaks. I haven't found a mascara that can give me that look!

Not everyone is a good lash tech. Please do your research. Read every review and look for pictures. My last lash tech was horrible. By day 7 my lashes were falling out and patchy... I took a chance and NEVER again.

Is there anything I missed? 
Do you have any tips for lash extension wearers?


  1. I have never tried last extensions but I do want to try semi-permanent brows. Usually the mascara that work well with my lashes are more expensive but I hate wearing mascara anyway.

  2. Oh my! I have trouble with mascara because my lashes are naturally long, thick, and curly. I couldn't imagine lash extensions but they look super cute on you.

  3. I would probably try it if I wasn’t so cheap! Lol

  4. I never had lash extensions done, but after reading your top 5 reasons, I may have to look into it.

  5. I've been contemplating extensions so thanks for these tips to think about!

  6. I've been wanting to try lash extensions for a while! The expense is what has stopped me. It's nice to hear from someone with experience.


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