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Five things that I wish I knew about Lash extensions

I know I'm totally getting annoying talking about my lash extension experience.... But I really miss them! Currently.. saving money is the goal. So things will have to be sacrificed. There is a lot that I wish I knew before I became so addicted.

The Beauty House: Russian Volume Extensions

I had the opportunity to visit The Beauty House. Located at 49 Stewart Street which is adjacent to the Thompson Hotel. They specialize in eyelash extensions, however, they have a few other services which are really interesting such a brow extensions. Remember over tweezing in grade 7?? 
Well they can fix that! 
Looking for something more permanent?
Try Microblading or Feathering!

The first thing I did was look at the gallery on the site for examples of their work. 
 I close get 3D lash extensions because I loved how natural but glam the work was.
Plus I knew that it would literally cut down my get ready time by 30 mins.
A total life saver!

Beauty News: OPI, Macadamia Natural Oil & Elizabeth Arden


OPI Matte Top Coat ($10.95 CDN) instantly transforms glossy nail lacquer to a matte finish when applied over any OPI hue. Matte Top Coat provides sealing protection without shine and protects nails from chipping, making manicures last longer. With a matte, transparent finish, Matte Top Coat is designed to leave nails velvety smooth while creating a touchable texture for an edgy appearance.

“A matte finish can be worn over any OPI nail lacquer shade and should be applied after the base coat and primary coats of color to give nails a unique look,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Artistic Director. “Using Matte Top Coat to transform any shade in your collection makes it a more versatile and budget-friendly way to embrace the matte trend. Give your favorite lacquers an update with a new finish without altering the color.”

Matte Top Coat contains no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde. This product includes OPIʼs exclusive ProWideTM Brush for the ultimate in application.

*Available in April 2013*

Macadamia Natural Oil

Macadamia Natural Oil No Tangle pre-styler is an indulgent, lightweight spray that works to quench hair and protect strands from heat styling, over-processing and environmental damage ‑ sun, sand and sea ‑ while providing natural UV protection. This pre-styler smoothes and softens hair while protecting wet strands from breakage and eliminating frizz and fly-aways.

“This lightweight cream spray is the perfect product for the girl-on-the-go. Not only does it detangle hair effortlessly without causing breakage and split ends, but it can easily be tossed in your beach bag for lazy summer days at the beach or in an overnight bag to refresh yesterday's blow out,” advises Nathan Cheli, Global Artistic Educator for Macadamia Natural Oil. “Beachy waves are also easy to achieve by simply spraying the No Tangle pre-styler on damp hair and pinning it in to a low bun while it dries.”


  • Detangles instantly and painlessly
  • Protects wet hair from breakage and damage
  • Provides natural UV protection
  • Infuses moisture and shine
  • Gives shape and hold
  • Creates voluminous and smooth hair finish

The No Tangle pre-styler( $15.00) contains Macadamia Oil with Omega 7 for unparalleled absorption and restoration and is the perfect match for Macadamia Natural Oil's No Tangle brush, an innovative product that utilizes a unique flex bristle design that gently and easily diffuses tangles and knots.


  • Minimizes breakage, splitting and damage caused by unnecessary hair stress
  • Smoothes the cuticle layer, making hair shinier and more manageable
  • Works on all hair types and can be used on wet or dry hair


Elizabeth Arden
Elizabeth Arden introduces PREVAGE® Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum ($115.00), a revolutionary new treatment clinically proven to make lashes and brows appear longer, fuller and healthier in as little as
two weeks*

Developed in partnership with the world-renowned Bascom-Palmer Eye Institute, Elizabeth Arden’s PREVAGE® Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum is clinically proven and dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. The safe and easy-to-use formula is fragrance and colourant free and is suitable for contact lens wearers.

Key Ingredients:
PREVAGE® Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum is powered by an exclusive triple peptide complex and blend of Pro-Vitamin B5 and antioxidants. Innovative ingredients and benefits include:

  • Triple Lipopeptide ComplexTM– supports lashes natural life cycle so lashes and brows appear lush, healthy and revitalized.
  • Retinyl Palmitate (Pro-Vitamin A), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) and Ascorbyl Palmitate(Vitamin C) – this vitamin blend fortifies, protects and revitalizes eye lashes for a healthy appearance.
  • Panthenol – conditions lashes and promotes lash flexibility and durability.
  • Vitamins A, C, E, ProVitamin B5 and Botanical Extracts - Help minimize breakage as lash conditioners fortify to help protect, revitalize and recover from environmental, chemical and physical damage.

Apply once daily at bedtime to clean eye area. Using the applicator, apply one stroke of PREVAGE®
Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum to the base of upper and lower lashes, from the inner to outer
corner. Follow the same directions for brows, covering the entire eyebrow area. Continue using 3 - 4
times per week to maintain the desired look and condition of lashes and brows.

Katy Perry Eylure Lashes- 3 winners! USA & Canada (closed)

I think that every girl needs a good pair of lashes in their possession. 
If you're like me and suck at lashes, with practice you can become a pro!

Eylure is celebrating my bloggerversary by giving
THREE ladies two pairs of Katy Perry Lashes!
You can win 2 pairs of:
Katy Perry Sweetie Pie Lashes.
Katy Perry Cool Kitty Lashes. 
Katy Perry Oh Honey! Lashes. 
Katy Perry Darling Lashes. 
Katy Perry Pretty Lashes. 
Katy Perry Oh, My! Lashes. 

All Katy Perry lashes by Eylure are handmade, lightweight, contact lens friendly, 
100% natural and each style is reusable.

Check out my post for up-close pictures on my favourite eylure lashes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The lashes are available at ULTA, CVS, Planet, Naimie's, etc. is the US ($6.99) and Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, London Drug and on in Canada ($7.99)

Pretty in Mink: First Time Lash Extension Experience

I've been debating getting lash extensions for a while now. My first experience wasn't the best but it was totally my fault. Note to self (and others): Don't use OIL BASED mascara on them!!

Buytopia and Charming Media gave me the opportunity to get a full set of lashes to review my experience with you all. I totally did not know what to expect. All I know is that I didn't want to look like a drag queen!

No offense but overly dramatic lashes are not for me at all. I was so nervous at first! 
Would I like them? Would my lids get glued shut? Will they be office friendly?

My overall experience was great! Deborah, the owner of Pretty in Mink was very helpful with all of my questions. Trust me I had a lot! I love how she allowed me to tell her what look I was going for. I wanted a naturally full look which was office friendly.

Even though this wasn't my first time getting last extensions, I was at ease when showed me pictures of her clients to give me an idea of the work she does. Everyone looked gorgeous and I knew I was in good hands.

Since I knew the process would be 1 to 1.5 hours, I brought my headphones because I thought that she may be boring. We talked the whole time! 1.5 hours went by and we didn't even realize. Throughout the process I had no pain or discomfort as the lashes were being applied.

Final look:
They're gorgeous!!!

Day 1 to 3 (notables):
I lost a few lashes nothing to be concerned about.
I have sensitive eyes so it took my left eye some time to adjust.

Day 4 and BEYOND:
This is when you really have fun. My make up time has cut down significantly! On top of having amazing skin at the moment (I'll leave that for another post) my only issue is finding a great lip product for the day!

I want to share these tips with you all who are getting them for the first time.
  • Know that some lashes will fall out. It's normal.
  • Your lashes will grow out and some lashes may lift with them as time goes on. This is also normal. That's why you go for refills every 3 to 4 weeks. If your lashes grow extremely quick like mine refill every 2 weeks.
  • Be gentle with them. It sounds obvious but pulling them would hurt and damage them! Only use water-based makeup remover on your lashes. Oil-based remover will break down the glue and they will fall off.
  • Get acquainted with your lash technician because you will have questions.
    Especially if it's your first time!
Deborah was amazing! If I had an issue, I let her know. Even after she my lashes, I still stayed in contact if I needed some assistance. She always responded with the right answer (thankfully). I'd definitely would recommend Pretty in Mink to anyone in Toronto/ GTA surrounding area. 

I hope my post helps anyone getting them for the first time!
Let me know if you have any questions below.

Benefits of Mink Lashes

The beauty world is constantly changing. As a blogger/MUA, I try my best to stay on top of everything but it's hard. I recently interviews Min of Toronto Based Minx Lashes to get the scoop on the Mink craze!

What are Mink Lashes?
Mink lashes are made from Siberian mink fur that have been shed after brushing the tails of the mink and some of the natural shedding. The shed fur are dyed and hygienically treated then handcrafted into wearable eyelashes. Mink lashes were first introduced by celebrities such as JLo, Heidi Klum and Oprah at red carpet events but they were off limits to most women since they cost hundreds to even thousands of dollars. They remained as Hollywood’s secret to beautiful, capturing eyes until recently they've become much more affordable and available.

What is the different between mink & synthetic lashes?
Mink lashes are much more softer, fluttery, natural and weightless compare to the synthetic lashes. Mink fur looks and feels like the real human lashes and can duplicate the most natural looking false eyelashes on the market. Mink lashes have very beautiful natural shine and gloss compared to that of a fake plastic shine of a synthetic lash.
How long do mink lashes last?
Mink lashes are highly durable and can be worn up to 20 times with proper care. It's very important that these lashes are properly cared for; use a tweezer to remove it from the box, gently clean off the glue residue from the base of the lashes and store it away from moisture and heat.

Why should I get a pair of mink lashes?
Mink lashes are so much more beautiful, softer, fluttery, natural and weightless. Not only does it look so much superior to the synthetic lashes, it also feels so much better because of it's softness and weightlessness. It doesn't feel heavy and uncomfortable like what most people experience wearing synthetic lashes. Mink lashes are also not perfectly lined in shape like the other mass manufactured lashes, just like the natural lashes they tend to be a bit imperfectly shaped and flares out in different ways which make them so much more natural and beautiful. There's a reason why some A-List celebrities only wear mink lashes, they've got team of beauty experts who research the best ways to look gorgeous and beautiful. Mink lashes may seem expensive but you can reuse them up to 20 times so it's worth the price you are paying for. They are so addictive once you try mink lashes you'll not want to use any other lashes again.
Ladies, I hope my interview with Min helped you clear up any questions that you have about Mink Lashes!

The views expressed in this blog post belongs to Mink Lashes and does not reflect Do your full research to find out if this style is for you.