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Flower Beauty + Drew Barrymore

I went to an exclusive Flower Beauty event a while back and I had the opportunity to try out a lot of their products and meet Drew Barrymore. She is amazing- literally everything I thought she would be and more. I'm so impressed with the line. The pigmentation, the colour range, and the overall products that they have makes it unique.

Fell in-love this amazing red lipstick- Rosebud (shown above). Which I'll post about it soon. Plus I was also introduced to a new favourite: Flower Color Play Creme Eyeshadows $7.98 CAN. It that comes in six shades. The packaging is extremely cute and the consistency is soft like a soufflé.
You can apply it with your fingers or with a thin brush like a concealer brush. After eight hours of work- it did not crease. I used one of my make up removers to take off the eyeshadow and I had no issue. Each creme eyeshadow has vitamin E for antioxidant protection.
I would recommend getting every colour.

My favourite 5 minute face products

I was asked how did I perfect my 5 minute face....I think it started in college.
I had to take 2 buses and 2 different subway trains to get to my classes.
My go-to was always cream shadow and a full volume mascara.

Here is an example of some of items that I'd use daily.

In college, I was on a strict budget but I always made sure my brows were decent. These TRIM eyebrow shapers ($3.88 CAN) are perfect to get the stray hairs away and clean up your brows. 

I've raved about the importance of using SPF daily- no matter what your skin tone is. L'oreal Paris Sily Sheer Face Lotion ($12.96 CAN) is amazing. It's non-greasy and lightweight for daily use.
Swisspers Cosmetic Applicators ($2.00 CAN) are a double duty products. I use them to apply my makeup and clean up mistakes. Hard Candy "All lid up" cream shadows ($4.98 CAN) literally last hours. I usually don't have to worry about creasing throughout the day. 
Use them with your fingers or an applicator.
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam ($5.98 CAN) is a perfect mascara to use because I hardly get ANY clumps. The hourglass shape also helps to fan out your lashes.

Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lip colour ($2.37 CAN each) compares to any high-end lipsticks I own. 
Long lasting & they come in a vast amount of colours.

What's your 5 minute face?

Caryl Baker Visage - Notorious Beauty Collection (Guest Post)

 The collection is called Notorious Beauty and from first glance I knew this collection was going to make me think of a film noir Greta Garbo type of evening.

The Notorious collection boasts Intense Colour, All of the Drama and Irresistible Glamour and I must admit I think Cary Baker Visage hit the nail on the head with these claims. The collection showcases a great selection of eye shadows, lip-glosses, lipsticks, lip pencils and blush in earth tone and plum/berry shades.

I was able to try an eye shadow trio, a lip pencil, a lip-gloss and a blush. There was also a single shadow in the mix from the Spring Awakening collection (I swatched it also cause it was just so darn pretty)
Left to Right: Caryl Baker Visage Lip-gloss in Corruption, Caryl Baker Visage Lip liner in Desire

Caryl Baker Visage Lip-gloss in Corruption
(Regular Price $17.50, Beauty Club Price $15.75)
The formula of the gloss is a tad sticky but it has some serious staying power I was sporting a ghostly heart shadow on my forearm for most of the night after I swatched it. The lip gloss smells much like other glosses of the same caliber (like a vanilla cookie) I’m not a huge fan of sparkle so chances are this wont be my go to gloss but the pigmentation is pretty great so maybe on a glamorous night out I might just bring this beauty along.

Caryl Baker Visage Lip liner in Desire
(Regular Price $15.00, Beauty Club Price $13.50)
I am super impressed with this lip liner. It is a solid texture but creamy and pigmented. At first I thought it was going to lean towards a cherry red but upon further inspection I noticed it’s much more of a deep raspberry. There isn’t much else I can say other than I can already tell this is going to be a go to for the holidays.
Left to Right: Caryl Baker Visage eye shadow in peachy, Caryl Baker Visage eye shadow in Silhouette, Baker Visage eye shadow in Sabotage, Baker Visage eye shadow in Smoldering, Baker Visage blush in Dial M for “Makeup”

Caryl Baker Visage Blush in Dial M for “Makeup”
(Regular Price $22.50, Beauty Club Price $20.25)
I would categorize this blush as a spiced rose colour. It is a soft matte pigmented blush and fromm what I can tell a pretty universal colour. I happen to be a pretty fair lady so to use it I would have to be light handed but a light hand is easy to do with a pigment as nice as this. This blush is such a great autumn colour and will really help to warm up you complexion as your sun kissed glow starts to fade.

Caryl Baker Visage Eye Shadow Trio in Silhouette/Sabotage/Smoldering 
(Regular Price $18.00, Beauty Club Price $16.20)
The eye shadow trio is a beauty at first glance but once you get into swatching you notice that there are some flaws. Silhouette is a light matte grey and a colour I would gravitate too but it is a bit chalky and doesn’t play the nicest with a shadow brush or a finger for that matter. I think its still usable but it will take a bit more work. Sabotage is a cool shimmery brown and is my most favourite. The shadow is buttery and very pigmented. Smoldering is a warm deeper shimmery brown and felt quite gritty in comparison to Sabotage. The trio its self is beautiful and the colours will look great together but there was a lot of fall out and the textures and formulation were not consistent.

I happen to live in an area that doesn’t have a Caryl Baker Visage location so this is my first experience with the brand. I have to say though the products are a pleasant surprise. I’m not sure that this collection is totally for me but there are certain products that I really do think will end up mixed in my regular beauty routine. I am also very certain that this is not my last time hanging out with Ms Baker. I cant wait to try more collections in the future.

The Notorious Beauty collection is still available while supplies last online and at your local Caryl Baker Visage location so I suggest if you feel like spending a little money on some glamour products you do just that.

Revlon: Do you match your Lips and Tips?

Have you ever matched your nail colour and lipstick before?

Revlon is celebrating its heritage of matching Lips & Tips with a fun activation on their facebook page encouraging others to share their photos of their Revlon Colour Authority paired Lips & Tips.

I thought it would be cool to get in on the action with my own Lips & Tips selfie!
I am rocking Revlon Nail Enamel in Fearless and Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rich Girl Red.

Love this colour and want to add it to your collection? 

Canadians! Save $2.00 off your next: Revlon purchase
Check out more Lips & Tips combos over on Revlon Facebook page!

It Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Length Black Primer

When I first took this out of the box, I didn't know what to do with it! 
I've never seen a brush so thin and I also expected it to be white!
Just like all the other primers I've used in the past.

I was sooo impressed with this product that I would definitely 
add it to my top five favourite mascaras list for 2013.
Tightline Full Lash Length Black Eyelash Primer is a true game-changer in mascara and eyeliner technology. This multitasking beauty must-have uses an ultra-skinny wand to let you coat your lashes at their actual roots for the ultimate in length and volume. But the best part is, if you have sparse or missing lashes, the Tightline brush lays down black pigment along your entire lash line, filling in sparse spots for a full, beautiful lash line and the look of an eyeliner!

Never would I thought such a small brush would do much! It's an mascara that can be worn alone, under or over your favourite mascara. Perfect for anyone who wants full lashes with little effort.

The skinny wand also allows the conditioning serum to infuse a blend of lash-enhancing ingredients, including peptides, collagen, proteins, biotin, nettle extract, green tea, jojoba, and vitamins all the way down to the roots for the most effective dosage of nourishment and protection.
Application: I start at the root on top of my lashes and sweep out. Then I let it dry and do the same process under my lashes. Then I wing out my outer lashes. 

I do the same application whether I am going to wear another mascara over or not.

Summer Make up: Annabelle Cosmetics, Make up For Ever & Mark Cosmetics

I love summer makeup. It's so natural and dewy! Plus it doesn't take a lot of effort.

It's all about the BB cream. Why? Because it has good things such as SPF to shield your skin from UV rays. I will be honest there is a fine line between oily and dewy skin. If you find yourself on the oily side carry blotting paper with you. My favourites are from The Body Shop & Hard Candy.

To top of the skin I add a light rosy cheek using a cream blush. On my lips I tried out a new Mark Glossworks lipgloss. I will be reviewing it soon. It kind of applies like a liquid lipstick and it contains SPF15.

I try to use some waterproof products on my eyes. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes makes a gorgeous gold eyeliner in “Gold 9L” that I used on my inner corners. It’s doesn't budge or smudge! I finished off the look by using Annabelle Cosmetics Expandable Mascara on my lashes.

This look was featured in Fashion Magazine's Beauty Panel Challenge