My favourite 5 minute face products

I was asked how did I perfect my 5 minute face....I think it started in college.
I had to take 2 buses and 2 different subway trains to get to my classes.
My go-to was always cream shadow and a full volume mascara.

Here is an example of some of items that I'd use daily.

In college, I was on a strict budget but I always made sure my brows were decent. These TRIM eyebrow shapers ($3.88 CAN) are perfect to get the stray hairs away and clean up your brows. 

I've raved about the importance of using SPF daily- no matter what your skin tone is. L'oreal Paris Sily Sheer Face Lotion ($12.96 CAN) is amazing. It's non-greasy and lightweight for daily use.
Swisspers Cosmetic Applicators ($2.00 CAN) are a double duty products. I use them to apply my makeup and clean up mistakes. Hard Candy "All lid up" cream shadows ($4.98 CAN) literally last hours. I usually don't have to worry about creasing throughout the day. 
Use them with your fingers or an applicator.
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Retro Glam ($5.98 CAN) is a perfect mascara to use because I hardly get ANY clumps. The hourglass shape also helps to fan out your lashes.

Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lip colour ($2.37 CAN each) compares to any high-end lipsticks I own. 
Long lasting & they come in a vast amount of colours.

What's your 5 minute face?


  1. I need to tell you about Rapid Brow. It comes in a mascara like container, complete with a mascara like wand, but the product is clear. You brush it on your browns, and the brush not only neatens things up, but the product holds your brows in place the rest of the day. It is supposed to also enhance the health of your brows and perhaps even help stimulate growth in sparse areas. I can't vouch for that part, but I can say that since I started using this product, I no longer feel dressed without it.

  2. Those are all such great products for a quick face. I love that sunscreen, just the best.


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