New Years Eve with Maybelline

I can't believe how quick 2013 went by! 
I know that there will be a lot of parties to attend to ring in the New Year.
I compiled my top products from Maybelline which should be in your makeup bag.

Baby Lips® Dr. Rescue™

Chapped lips are not appealing. Doesn't matter what lipstick you're going to wear! We all know how obsessed I am with baby lips. Have you tried out the Baby Lips® Dr. Rescue™line? It's has a hint of eucalyptus which is great for any lip issues that you may have. You can wear it under lip colour or as a prep for your favourite lip colour.

Fit Me® Shine-Free Foundation

It's always good to bring your foundation with you. The Maybelline Fit Me® Shine-Free Foundation is the perfect size to fit into your purse. My skin tone works with the darkest shade in the line 355 (coconut). It's oil-free and applies matte.

Color Elixir™ by Color Sensational®

I'm a believer in having various lip colours in your purse. I often wear two to three colours a day. If I want something light but pigmented Maybelline Color Elixir™ by Color Sensational® is one of my daily picks. I can't explain the formula but it's light and not sticky like other lip glosses. One swipe is all you need :)

SuperStay 14HR Lipstick™

I've tried a lot of products in 2013 but Maybelline SuperStay 14HR Lipsticks™are in my top five favourites. This lipstick is one of my best kept secrets. When they say long lasting- They mean it! No budge at all. The most creamy, rich and pigment lipstick that I have ever found at a drugstore.


  1. Oh wow, these look really gorgeous!

  2. I want to try the lipstick it looks great :)

  3. I use most of these on a daily basis but for sure they are great for party time too, especially the Color Elixers! They last so long and have really pretty shades.

  4. I use the maybelline Fit Me foundation stick to contouring and I love it. I also am in love with the Maybelline Color Elixir's and the Dr.Rescue Baby Lips such great products

  5. The Maybelline FIT ME foundation stick (and liquid) are fabulous. In winter I wear their extremely pale 110 shade - which was very hard to find in Canada until earlier this year. I goes on very smoothly.

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  7. Love the Baby Lips, and Elixirs. Haven't tried the foundation stick, or the Superstay yet, but I'm excited to try it soon. Have a wonderful NYE!


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