Holiday Hair with the Rowenta Beauty Curl Active

One classic look that will always be my favourite go-to for a night out is side swiped curls.
I've seen the look on a lot of girls who have shaved sides but for people like me who are too chicken to shave their hair AGAIN- try a braid on one side with curls.

Speaking of curls- I had the opportunity to try out the
Rowenta Beauty Curl Active ($179.99 CAN) recently.

What makes Rowenta Beauty Curl Active unique that is it a Motorized curling system.
Yup! It automatically curls pour hair for you with the push of a button.
Key Features:
  • Motorized curling 
  • Quick heat up- 90 seconds 
  • 2 rotation switches for the direction of the curls
  • 2 heat positions- one for fine and one for thick.
  • Ceramic coating to protect your hair
Before any curling, I used the Matrix Total Results Heat Resistance range to minimize any heat damage. Very important if you are putting any type of heat on to natural hair to use a heat protectant! 

It took me a while to get use to the process of using the Rowenta Beauty Curl Active. Practice makes perfect! My attempt at curling under was a fail but I had better success curling in the opposite direction. The medium setting did nothing for my thick hair, high worked much better for me (and it's recommended for thick hair). I do have clip ins that match my hair texture- so my curls where thicker than usual. If you have time, curl smaller sections at a time.

For anyone who is afraid that they are going to burn their scalp, the barrel automatically rotates back when it reaches the root. Pretty awesome safety feature.

Final Look:

Right now until December 24th, Rowenta Beauty Curl Active will be on sale for 
$99.95 at Trade Secrets!


  1. Oohhh~ Love the Curls on you :D

  2. Love your hair style! I like the idea that the barrel rotates, that is pretty cool :)

  3. your hair looks great!! in the post you said you wear clip ins? They look so natural! Do you have a blog post on your clips ins?

  4. Love the hair!!! Now, I want this... Love curls.


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