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How to be confident in your new haircut or style

Hair is so personal and it is who we are. I know we're bored as hell and want to do crazy things... like cut or perm your hair. What? ONLY ME? I got tips from a stylist named Lisa (former My Spiced Life contributor) a while back and now would be the perfect time to share it- since we are now entering stage 3 of COVID.

Are you ready to be confident?

New Tangle Teezer brushes that you need

I recently had the opportunity to recently attend an intimate gathering for Tangle Teezer made by Shaun Pulfre. He introduced me to three new products:

  • The Thick & Curly detangling hairbrush
  • The Compact Styler
  • Blow Styling tool brush

Holiday Hair with the Rowenta Beauty Curl Active

One classic look that will always be my favourite go-to for a night out is side swiped curls.
I've seen the look on a lot of girls who have shaved sides but for people like me who are too chicken to shave their hair AGAIN- try a braid on one side with curls.

Speaking of curls- I had the opportunity to try out the
Rowenta Beauty Curl Active ($179.99 CAN) recently.

What makes Rowenta Beauty Curl Active unique that is it a Motorized curling system.
Yup! It automatically curls pour hair for you with the push of a button.
Key Features:
  • Motorized curling 
  • Quick heat up- 90 seconds 
  • 2 rotation switches for the direction of the curls
  • 2 heat positions- one for fine and one for thick.
  • Ceramic coating to protect your hair
Before any curling, I used the Matrix Total Results Heat Resistance range to minimize any heat damage. Very important if you are putting any type of heat on to natural hair to use a heat protectant! 

It took me a while to get use to the process of using the Rowenta Beauty Curl Active. Practice makes perfect! My attempt at curling under was a fail but I had better success curling in the opposite direction. The medium setting did nothing for my thick hair, high worked much better for me (and it's recommended for thick hair). I do have clip ins that match my hair texture- so my curls where thicker than usual. If you have time, curl smaller sections at a time.

For anyone who is afraid that they are going to burn their scalp, the barrel automatically rotates back when it reaches the root. Pretty awesome safety feature.

Final Look:

Right now until December 24th, Rowenta Beauty Curl Active will be on sale for 
$99.95 at Trade Secrets!

Beauty News: Redken Diamond Oil

Redken does it again with another great hair care line called Diamond Oil. 
If the gorgeous packaging doesn't get you, check out the benefits it has for your hair!
Diamond Oil utilizes an exclusive formula of silicone free hair oils that include camelina oil, coriander oil, apricot oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and other to strengthen hair from the inside-out. Results are unprecedented strength and shine. Through Redken’s exclusive Interlock Protein Network and multi-faceted Shine Strong Complex, Diamond Oil delivers a nourishing blend of coriander, camelina and apricot oils that target all layers of the hair to strengthen, replenish and protect with each use. Hair is fortified and sparkles with intense shine.

Diamond Oil Shampoo
This shampoo is for damaged and dull hair. Rich foam cleanser strengthens hair to prevent breakage and hair fall while boosting smoothness & shine.

Diamond Oil Conditioner
It contains essential oils which results in soft/ shiny hair. It also moisturizes, protect & detangle hair while reducing hair breakage.

Diamond Oil Deep Facets
This is a Hair Mask which is essential to hair care. Shine boosting deep conditioner nourishes, strengthens & replenishes hair to prevent damage & breakage.

Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine
An intense leave-in hair care. Strengthens & reinforces for smoother, shinier hair while protecting from breakage.

Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense
If you have damaged/ coarse hair this leave-in hair care is for you. Strengthens, smoothes & protects hair from breakage.

Hair Talk- Maintenance

Time for another hair post! The theme is "Maintenance". Summer is here and in my opinion it takes a bit more time to take care of your extensions. Pool parties, beaches, bbq and the overall sun can cause damage.

If my hair series is new to you.. I suggest you check out these past popular posts:
I'm not an expert so I decided to ask Constance from Bella Dream Hair some quick real life questions/scenarios on hair maintenance.

How do I get out tangles?
You can use a paddle brush or a boar brush to comb the hair.

Air dry or Blow dry?
I would recommend blowdrying the hair on a low setting, however air drying the hair is very important.

I dyed the hair now it's horribly dry. What now?
Co-washing the hair with a deep conditioner and leaving it in for at least 20 minutes can help replenish the hair after dying it.

How do I straighten the hair without damaging it?
You should always use heat protectant when apply any heat to your hair. TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray is a great one.

How do I preserve the hair once I take it out?
Storing the hair in a rectangular box with a lid will keep the hair clean and fresh. Be sure not to fold the hair or it will leave a bend in it.

I hope this helps! 
If you have an idea for a hair post- leave it below!

Hair Must Haves from Marc Anthony & Giovanni

There are so many new hair products out there to keep you looking your best. I use these items on my natural hair and extensions. In this post I'm going to highlight two brands which are worth spending on this season.

Both of these products help eliminate frizz! Now that my hair is not chemically processed, frizz is my biggest issue. I try my best to stay away from my flat iron so both of these products prolong my hair staying "straight".

Here are my top four reasons to get the Marc Anthony Repairing Macadamia Oil Treatment:
  • Smells amazing
  • Very light
  • Doesn't make my hair revert back to "curly"
  • Controls frizz
How to apply: Apply 1 - 3 drops (depending on hair length and thickness) to damp or dry hair and distribute evenly from roots to ends. Do not rinse out. Style as usual. 

Here are my top three reasons to get the Giovanni 2chic Leave in Conditioning & Styling Elixir:
  • Very light
  • Controls frizz
  • Can be used with heat
How to apply: Distribute evenly through damp hair for sleek, super-soft, shiny hair.

So far I'm loving both of these products!

 Have you tried any of these products before?