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How to be confident in your new haircut or style

Hair is so personal and it is who we are. I know we're bored as hell and want to do crazy things... like cut or perm your hair. What? ONLY ME? I got tips from a stylist named Lisa (former My Spiced Life contributor) a while back and now would be the perfect time to share it- since we are now entering stage 3 of COVID.

Are you ready to be confident?

New Tangle Teezer brushes that you need

I recently had the opportunity to recently attend an intimate gathering for Tangle Teezer made by Shaun Pulfre. He introduced me to three new products:

  • The Thick & Curly detangling hairbrush
  • The Compact Styler
  • Blow Styling tool brush

Is the Tresemme Keratin Smooth line for you?

I have been on my hair journey (doing my hair on my own) for a year now. One of my biggest issues has been frizz! I would straighten my hair and within the hour my hair would curl right back up. It's so frustrating. I'm always on the hunt to find something to maintain the frizz.  

I will be trying out the Tresemme Keratin Smooth and Platinum Strength 
to see if it makes a difference on my hair.
The Keratin Smooth line nourishes hair and infuses keratin from root to tip for instantly smoother style and frizz control that lasts up to 48 hours. 
Platinum Strength repairs up to 2 years of damage after just 5 uses resulting in beautifully smooth, moisturized and healthy-looking hair with all its natural strength.

Before I got started, Gino Vivacqua, Tresemme's Technical Activation Specialist answered a few of my burning questions. I`ve never used keratin and I was afraid it would damage my hair.
  1. What is keratin? Any of a class of tough, fibrous proteins that are the main structural component of hair, nails, horns, feathers and hooves. Keratins are rich in sulphur containing amino acids.

  2. Is it safe for my hair?
    Yes, safe for your hair. Keratin is naturally found in hair, so it is a good thing to have in a product for your hair... We have done lots of consumer testing with our Keratin Smooth range and all are safe for consumers.

  3. Can ladies with chemically processed hair use the new Smooth Line?
    Well hair that is chemically processed is severely damaged i.e. dry and feels rough. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo gently cleanses (lower sulfate formula). Keratin Smooth Conditioner and Serum have a high level of conditioning agents which nourish your hair to leave it smooth, soft, shiny, manageable and with less frizz.

  4. What makes the new smooth line unique to other brands?
    The shampoo has less sulfate than many other shampoos in the market today; the keratin in the products – again, not many others have keratin products; proven frizz protection for up to 48 hours.
Hope this post helped ladies!

Hair talk: Textures & Extensions

I am so surprised how popular my hair posts are. I was very iffy about talking about weaves/extensions it at first. Now that I have stated my concerns, I'm willing to share more. I have been getting a lot of emails & blog comments for more topics to be covered such as textures & over all general care.

In this post I am going to address texture. Texture is one of the most important things to think about when picking out extensions. I haven't "permed" my hair in two years and my current texture is curly. It wouldn't make sense for me to go out and  buy bone straight extensions to blend with my hair because the textures would be completely off.I could straighten my hair to blend but I do not want heat damage.

Regardless of length, I try to make ALL my extensions/weaves look natural. I decided to ask Constance from Bella Dream Hair some tips on picking the perfect extensions for first-time wearers.
 I think the biggest mistake women make is looking at an image and saying that THAT is what I want without taking into consideration their hair texture. If you see a woman with silky straight curls and you want that style but your hair is not silky in the least...then you ma'am should not pick that hair texture. Find a texture that matches your hair rather it's natural, relaxed or permed. Work with what you got so that your weaves will be flawless. 

As basic as that information is, I still see styles which totally perplex me! I know I'm not alone with that feeling...haha.

Overall, the versatility of extension can change up your looks in seconds. 
Monica is my favorite example of that because she can rock short and long styles naturally.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. 
If you have any questions/requests leave them below!

John Frieda frizz-ease & full REPAIR

Summer is coming fast! 
I don't know where you are but in Canada we have been experiencing REALLY good weather.
Two of the most popular summer styles I will be rocking are straight & curly hair.

Thankfully I have been introduced to amazing products from John Frieda for my summer hairstyles.

Sheer Solution™ Lightweight Frizz Control

This product is not greasy and has a light scent.
I don't have time to curl my hair every morning.
So I use a few drops on my dry curls to eliminate frizzies and make my curls survive another day.

How to use:
Shake the DUAL FORMULA until mixed. Then shake 10 drops into palm, rub hands together and smooth through damp hair. Use more or less product depending on the length and texture of hair. DO NOT RINSE OUT. Style as usual. 
Full Repair™ Style Revival™ Heat-Activated Styling Spray
This spray is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 
I try not to use a lot of heat on my hair because I don't want any breakage. 
It makes my hair shiny and not heavy.

How to use:
This breakthrough, heat-activated styling spray, with Inca Inchi Oil, adds manageability, body and flexible hold to any style. Works with heat tools and helps protect against breakage and damage, creating shiny, versatile styles that last all day.

Used on my Bella Dream Hair extension

Have you used any John Frieda products before?