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Curls or no Curls?

As you all know the big day is drawing near.
The number one question I get asked is "Are you nervous?"

My answer is "No...."
I know exactly what I'm doing and I wouldn't do it if it wasn't for me.

I have my dress..
But now I need to pick a final hairstyle.

Here are my three choices.
Curls or no Curls?
Of course, all Kim Kardashian looks.
Which is your favourite?

To make this style work for me.. I need A LOT of volume and length.
I'm happy to say that Bella Dream Hair is going to help me achieve that!

I had the opportunity to choose from four types of hair.

-Brazilian Straight
-Brazilian Wavy
- Brazilian Curly
-Brazilian Natural Wave

Brazilian Natural Wave is the best hair to get the look I want!
It can also be straightened.

I had the opportunity to choose lengths from 8" to 36".
YES 36" *screams*

I'm thinking about making them into clip-ins so I can change my hairstyle for the honeymoon.
Not sure yet...

I'll be sure to post the final look.

Hair Talk- Maintenance

Time for another hair post! The theme is "Maintenance". Summer is here and in my opinion it takes a bit more time to take care of your extensions. Pool parties, beaches, bbq and the overall sun can cause damage.

If my hair series is new to you.. I suggest you check out these past popular posts:
I'm not an expert so I decided to ask Constance from Bella Dream Hair some quick real life questions/scenarios on hair maintenance.

How do I get out tangles?
You can use a paddle brush or a boar brush to comb the hair.

Air dry or Blow dry?
I would recommend blowdrying the hair on a low setting, however air drying the hair is very important.

I dyed the hair now it's horribly dry. What now?
Co-washing the hair with a deep conditioner and leaving it in for at least 20 minutes can help replenish the hair after dying it.

How do I straighten the hair without damaging it?
You should always use heat protectant when apply any heat to your hair. TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray is a great one.

How do I preserve the hair once I take it out?
Storing the hair in a rectangular box with a lid will keep the hair clean and fresh. Be sure not to fold the hair or it will leave a bend in it.

I hope this helps! 
If you have an idea for a hair post- leave it below!

Hair talk: Textures & Extensions

I am so surprised how popular my hair posts are. I was very iffy about talking about weaves/extensions it at first. Now that I have stated my concerns, I'm willing to share more. I have been getting a lot of emails & blog comments for more topics to be covered such as textures & over all general care.

In this post I am going to address texture. Texture is one of the most important things to think about when picking out extensions. I haven't "permed" my hair in two years and my current texture is curly. It wouldn't make sense for me to go out and  buy bone straight extensions to blend with my hair because the textures would be completely off.I could straighten my hair to blend but I do not want heat damage.

Regardless of length, I try to make ALL my extensions/weaves look natural. I decided to ask Constance from Bella Dream Hair some tips on picking the perfect extensions for first-time wearers.
 I think the biggest mistake women make is looking at an image and saying that THAT is what I want without taking into consideration their hair texture. If you see a woman with silky straight curls and you want that style but your hair is not silky in the least...then you ma'am should not pick that hair texture. Find a texture that matches your hair rather it's natural, relaxed or permed. Work with what you got so that your weaves will be flawless. 

As basic as that information is, I still see styles which totally perplex me! I know I'm not alone with that feeling...haha.

Overall, the versatility of extension can change up your looks in seconds. 
Monica is my favorite example of that because she can rock short and long styles naturally.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. 
If you have any questions/requests leave them below!

Bella Dream Hair Giveaway (CLOSED)

I wear extensions because I love to switch up my style. I rock straight, curly or wavy styles without damaging my own natural hair. Bella Dream Hair is offering you the same opportunity with this amazing giveaway!

ONE winner is going to win:
12 oz Brazilian hair (bundles) or 
Clip-ins up to 24" their choice. 
If you're curious/eager to try out extensions, clips-ins is definetly a great start. 
Take them in or out whenever YOU want!

If you're a pro, go for the 12 oz of Brazilian! 
My favorite is the Brazilian Curly.

-International Giveaway
- MUST be 17+ to enter
(You will have to share your address)

Fill out the rafflecopter widget below to enter!
(Incorrect entries WILL be disqualified)

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The secret to long lasting heat-less curls!

I'm the type of girl who loves to change her hair style up regularly.
Whether it straight one week or curly another, it's a process that I put a lot of effort in.
I'm wearing Bella Dream Hair Extensions in Brazilian Curly
    There is one process that I do that can last a full week and requires little maintenance!

    I wear them over night to keep the curls.
    You do not need extensions to use flexi-rods.
    It also doesn't matter what your hair type is, there is a rod size that will suit you.

    Have you ever tried Flexi-rods before?

    Hair Inspiration from Ciara & Kim K featuring Bella Dream Hair

    I've always loved Kim & Ciara's hair.
     Long, curly and healthy looking.
    Whether they're wearing pieces or not, I really wanted to try out this style.

    Thankfully I got a boost from Bella Dream Hair.
     I'm wearing pieces from Brazilian Wavy collection.
    Brazilian hair matches African American textures as well as Latina and Armenian textures. Hair can be flat ironed or curled and made to look deep wavy.

    This was my first time wearing virgin hair extensions. At first I wasn't sure if it would suit my hair texture but it blended well once my hair was straightened.

    After using these extensions on and off for almost three months,
     I want to share some tips with you to get the best out of your wear.
    • Use the least amount of oil in your hair. Matted flat hair is not cute
    • Do a conditioner wash every two weeks. This eliminates build up.
    • Always let the hair air dry when wet. Less heat damage.
    • Add heat protectant when straightening. Less heat damage.
    • Always tie-down your hair at night .Made my natural hair "lay" down easier.
    • Try flexi-rods over night for curly styles. Less heat damage.
    • SEAL your wefts. Eliminates shedding.
    I hope these tips help you when taking care of your extensions. It took me a while to actually get all those steps down. Thankfully I watch a lot of youtube videos to gain insight on what works best for me.
    I will be trying out there Brazilian Curly as my next style :D