Hair Inspiration from Ciara & Kim K featuring Bella Dream Hair

I've always loved Kim & Ciara's hair.
 Long, curly and healthy looking.
Whether they're wearing pieces or not, I really wanted to try out this style.

Thankfully I got a boost from Bella Dream Hair.
 I'm wearing pieces from Brazilian Wavy collection.
Brazilian hair matches African American textures as well as Latina and Armenian textures. Hair can be flat ironed or curled and made to look deep wavy.

This was my first time wearing virgin hair extensions. At first I wasn't sure if it would suit my hair texture but it blended well once my hair was straightened.

After using these extensions on and off for almost three months,
 I want to share some tips with you to get the best out of your wear.
  • Use the least amount of oil in your hair. Matted flat hair is not cute
  • Do a conditioner wash every two weeks. This eliminates build up.
  • Always let the hair air dry when wet. Less heat damage.
  • Add heat protectant when straightening. Less heat damage.
  • Always tie-down your hair at night .Made my natural hair "lay" down easier.
  • Try flexi-rods over night for curly styles. Less heat damage.
  • SEAL your wefts. Eliminates shedding.
I hope these tips help you when taking care of your extensions. It took me a while to actually get all those steps down. Thankfully I watch a lot of youtube videos to gain insight on what works best for me.
I will be trying out there Brazilian Curly as my next style :D


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