L'Oreal Le Balm in Rose Elixir review

I know some of you ladies have seen this balm in your favorite drugstore and debated whether or not to get it. I won't lie it stayed in my bag for a while unused. Tinted lipbalm has never been my thing because of my pigment lips.

One day after leaving my makeup bag at home I tried this balm and I've been hooked ever since!

I'm going to break down this review into three important sections: Packaging, Consistency & Pigmentation.

I like the sleek packing for each balm. One of the pros is that it doesn't look like kiddy lipbalm! I also like how each cap is the same color of the balm in the tube.

The formula is extremely moisturizing. It last hours on me with little application throughout the day. It can be worn alone or underneath lipstick.
Even after removal my lips still feel soft.

Since it's a tinted lip balm I didn't expect much but I love the soft hint of pink it gave me. The application is sheer and soft!

There are seven other shades to choose from the Le Balm line.
Pink Satin, Rose Elixir, Tender Mauve, Heavenly Berry, Plush Plum, Caring Coral, Nourishing Nude & Caramel Comfort.

I absolutely love this balm and I hope to try more colors?
Have you seen this product in stores?


  1. Haven't seen this before but imma check it out. Thanks for sharing hun x

  2. Oh that color is pretty on you! Very subtle

  3. I've seen these at Shoppers for $10+ and I've been intrigued, but I had the same feeling - that it won't show up and it's just essentially an expensive lip balm.

  4. I heard Revlon lip butters are similar and nice as well.

  5. I haven't seen it but I love that pink colour..x

  6. No I haven't see these instores in Ireland yet! This one looks so pretty:):) It's such a nice wearable shade xx

  7. I've seen these, but haven't tried them yet.

  8. It's such a pretty colour, pinks that light worry me but you're just about the same skintone as me so I'd love to try it now!


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