Beauty Blogger Basics: Camera + Quick Editing

In my blogger career I have used three cameras with prices ranging from $199 to $900. I'm not a professional photographer but I'm blessed with a natural eye because I'm a videographer. 
I spent three years in college earning my diploma for it.

So when I'm asked what camera to purchase I think I have some background to make a good choice. Here are some insights that may help you:
Cameras that I own.

  • Do you want a DSLR or point & shoot?
You can not bring a big camera everywhere.  I made the mistake in the beginning of having one camera for everything. It was a pain. DSLR's are amazing but there are some advanced point & shoot cameras that can do the trick.

  • I need more information.. where do I go?
Do not be afraid to ask other bloggers/vloggers for assistance. Check the internet for forums, comparisons & reviews. Before you take the leap, go see the camera in the store! You can usually ask unlimited amount of questions and get relevant answers.

  • Flash or no flash?
It's totally up to you! Try shooting swatches in both. This all comes down to lighting which I will share in another post.

  • Who is going to hold the camera?
 I know a lot of people have shaky hands, so try to invest in a tripod! I've seen little ones in the dollar store.  If your really crafty build one! I have used boxes and books to get the job done.

  • I don't have an editing program on my computer..what do I use?
Since I'm confident with my pictures I just use paint. You can crop, resize, rotate & add your url.
 If you have question leave it below. 

My next topics will be Lighting & Editing Software!


      1. Great post - I'm excited for the next one! :)

      2. Thanks for talking about this! Really helpful for beginners like myself =)

      3. Great post and very helpful. Thanks for sharing x

      4. Thank you for being so informative. Lots of people don't like to share their techniques. Im always looking for help with editing pictures etc. Thanks !!

      5. very helpful tips! :)

        I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love if you check it out! Open to Canadian residents only.


      6. Great post Jenn I can't wait to see your lighting and software post

      7. really helpful post i use picnik for editing but heard they are going to close it at 19th of april :(

      8. I look forward to reading your lighting post!

        The other day I was taking FOTD photos and I started getting frustrated because of the lighting, can't wait to see what you suggest!

      9. Thanks so much for this!! I have two different cameras as well. But sometimes my phone is easier lol

      10. Great post! Im in need of a new cam

      11. This is a very informative post. Thanks for sharing dear!

      12. Hey Jenn,
        Great post! A good quality camera makes all the difference.

      13. Great post. And such a useful series too. Look forward to the next one.

        I have a point and shoot camera as DSLR's are out of my budget. My current camera is a Sony Cyber Shot DSCW570 with Carl Zeiss lens. Though one day I will own a DSLR maybe one day.


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