My Schick Hydro Silk razor experience

I know you all have seen posts on this Schick Hydro Silk razor popping up everywhere. I have put this baby through a two week trial and I'm ready to share my experience with you!

Let me start out with my shaving story. I wasn't blessed like my mother to have hairless legs.. YES.. you heard me hairless legs. I've tried everything from electric razors to nair because I could never get the hang of razors.

Lugging big cans of shaving cream to the tub is not my idea of a good time. Nothing is worst than getting there and finding out the can is empty!

I wish I had something like the Schick Hydro Silk razor when I was growing up!
Razor Breakdown
  • Water- activated serum
  • Five curve- sensing blades
  • Sleek and fashionable handle
  • Easy removal head
  • Great grip
This was one of the most comfortable shaves that I have EVER had! The fact that I received a close shave with no irritation on numerous occasions is amazing. I really feel like the ease of the shave had to do with the water- activated serum. For some odd reason I thought the serum was suppose to be on the side. The fact that it was built in to the head and continued to "flow" through out my shaves was great. I also liked the fact that the razor came with an extra head.

Overall I recommend this razor and I will continue to use it.

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  1. im waiting on my free sample. I love trying new razors, lot of coupons and sales for this one in the usa.. :)

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  4. :) Would love to try it

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  5. i usually use men's razers because i find taht theyre better since men have to use it on their face. now i want to try this one!

  6. I entered. Would love to try the Schick Razor.

  7. me please!!! :) and yeah I can finally see the comments section

  8. I would love a free razor awesome!!!!


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