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Check out Irresistible Me!

New year - new me! I just had a baby and I want to have an effortless look for 2024. Or at least more options. I’ve always envied wig wearers! The ability to switch it up! Long or short! Curly or straight! Babay! The options are endless. I recently had someone from Irresistible Me reach out to me to school me on wig life for 2024. Timely right! 

Let's get into my questions! 

My Thoughts about Hairsprays + Herbal Essences Biorenew

This post is going to be so awkward because it’s about a product that is so known to everyone but I just don't embrace it. Here it goes. I hardly use hairspray. I don’t know if it’s laziness (probably laziness) but it’s just a step I always look over.

I spent a lot of time on my curls, whether it be with heat or Flexi rods… but with the heat and humidity of the environment they don't last. By the end of the day I’m rocking a semi-straight style- that I didn’t ask for…

Let’s go back to the root of the problem…Why do I hate hairsprays? We all know the hairsprays of the past. They’re heavy and not workable at all. Like I just remember those up-do’s that were sprayed to the high heavens and did not move. Like a week later you would see the person in the same style and a curl hasn't budged…that is not for me. Lies… it happened once and NO I won’t share pictures LOL. Just bad vibes all over.

Extensions that work with Natural Hair

It's important to try different textures when trying out extensions. Now that I have fully transitioned to natural, bone straight hair just doesn't work for me anymore. I was contacted by a Canadian on-line hair store in BC called Go Hair Shop to try out some clip-ins/bundles.

At first glance, I was going to decline because I only saw bone straight textures- which I detailed earlier- not my thing anymore. After doing some research with the owner (Jenia), she suggested I tried the Bohyme Brazilian Wave.

Let me say when buying hair online, it's important to get in contact with the seller to find out what they fully offer. The Go Hair Shop offers consultation on hair type to choose, colour or application method. They have everything from wefts to I Tip fusions to clip-ins.

Back to the Bohyme Brazilian Wave, If you're natural and looking for extra length it may be an great option because the hair has a lot of texture.

Bohyme is the name trusted by top salon professional worldwide. It is the first 100% remi human hair available in the market...each strand of hair is hand selected to ensure the cuticle layers are all aligned in the same direction so no tangle occurs.

The hair shop gives free samples with all orders. In my package, I received a small sample of Jamaican Castor Oil (my favourite).

First impressions out of the pack: 
  • Looks like blown out natural hair.
  • Matches my hair
  • Soft & easily manageable.
It should be noted that once you wash the hair the texture COMPLETELY changes. It's turns into a tight wave. Still very pretty but getting it back to the original state was tricky. This is when products like dry oil becomes your best friend.

  • Tangling at root & ends
    This hair is high maintenance. I tried my best not to add product other than Aloe vera gel or water but it still tangled.
  • Matting
    This hair can't be worn the same style for more than three days. Whether it be a twist out or curls- you need to add water product to the hair comb it out and start again.
  • Texture was really nice.
    When I did my twist outs with Bohyme- No one knew I had pieces in. My hair matched perfectly.
  • Volume
    Two packs to either make clips ins or sew in is more than enough.

Overall if your natural like me and want to wear natural with a bit of help. I'd recommend the hair but remember it needs a lot of maintenance.