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New year - new me! I just had a baby and I want to have an effortless look for 2024. Or at least more options. I’ve always envied wig wearers! The ability to switch it up! Long or short! Curly or straight! Babay! The options are endless. I recently had someone from Irresistible Me reach out to me to school me on wig life for 2024. Timely right! 

Let's get into my questions! 


Difference between a human hair or vegan fiber wig? 
Human hair wigs are made from real hair, so they look and feel very natural. They can be styled just like your own hair. Vegan fiber wigs, on the other hand, are made from synthetic materials. They're usually more affordable and come in many styles, but they might not feel as natural as human hair wigs. 

How do I keep the wig/extensions clean? 
 Gently wash them with a mild shampoo and cool water. Avoid rubbing them harshly. After washing, let them air dry on a wig stand to maintain their shape. 

What's the best way to blend clip-ins
The key is to match the clip-ins with your natural hair texture and colour. When attaching them, start from the bottom of your scalp and work your way up, ensuring they're evenly distributed for a natural look.

How long do hair extensions last? 
This depends on the type and how you care for them. Generally, human hair extensions can last up to a year or more with proper care, while synthetic ones may last a few months. 

What products should I use for styling? 
For human hair, use heat protectant sprays and light hair oils or serums. For vegan fiber wigs, avoid heat and use products specifically designed for synthetic hair. 

Can I dye the extensions? 
You can dye human hair extensions, but it's best done by a professional to avoid damage. Synthetic extensions, however, cannot be dyed effectively. 

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