To work or not to WORK!

This one is for my self-employed girlies/entrepreneurs. 
Sooo 6 months have got gone by and I'm back to work. 

I'm happy for money but sad I didn't have 18 months were it was dedicated solely to baby girl.

I'm writing this anyone who might be or could be in my position. If you're returning to work, it's important to discuss certain boundaries with your clients. This is hard BUT needed. This could include establishing clear communication about your schedule, times when they can reach out to you and outlining your expectations for accommodations, such as pumping breaks or flexible hours (if you are in office). 

Lastly, don’t forget! Remember to prioritize self-care. I'm currently failing at this. First time around man… this was ALSO hard. Setting boundaries is not only about protecting your time and energy, but also about recognizing your own needs. Take time for yourself, whether it's through friendships, exercise, relaxation, or social activities. I know everyone can't do this because they don't have help… but try. Setting boundaries can be difficult, but it's essential for establishing a healthy environment for you and your new baby. Good Luck mamas!

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