My Options on Kiss everlasting French in REAL SHORT+ What do you think?

I naturally have really long nails. Check my videos/other posts if you don't believe me. I don't drink milk or anything its just natural ...BUT.. with long nails comes breaking. I hate having uneven nails..

Since I'm a reviewer for, I got to try out some cool fake nails for the first time.
Kiss everlasting French in REAL SHORT!

I'm not a short nail kinda girl but I wanted a change. So I started with one. Thank the lord for the tabs and easy instructions because with out it i'd be LOST!
<--- 12 sizes..24 nails in a box


After testing 3 nails, I noticed that they looked clean and professional. Soooo I cut all my nails off! These pics are the end result.I like them and i'd use them if I needed a quick fix again!

PIC above is with FLASH
PIC below is without FLASH
LET ME KNOW your honest opinons below.
Do you like these nails?
Would you wear fake nails?
If yes, why?
If not,why not?



  1. I think they look nice and natural! I've always been a fan of KISS nails, even though I haven's used them in a very long while. I would def use again, but taking prenatals has given me thick, healthy nails, so I wouldnt have a need for them right now!

  2. I like them, I thought they looked really fake in the package... but when you put them on they look quite natural. I wouldn't wear them b/c I am a fan of acrylics and for the past 3 years, I've had an acrylic overlay on my natural nails... they grow long & I don't have to worry about them breaking.

  3. OH Jen they look so real!!!! The last pic you would never even be able to tell!!!

  4. very pretty! very neat. i thought they would be even shorter. wow! i wouldn't wear b/c my hands are in water all of the time. thanks for sharing.

  5. i like them but they dont last that long for me. i still use them for a perfect mani for a night out or when i dont have time to do anything

  6. very nice Jenn!! I have long nails too and when I break one I get so mad lol. Those look very natural and pretty.

  7. They do look quite nice but I'm not a fake nails type of person because they ruin my nail bed.

  8. Oh they look interesting, but the white is too white for me.. :)
    But yah, I'd wear fake nails here and there when my nails break..

  9. Thanks everyone <3

    I think I'm going to find a longer nails tho and try them out!

  10. Hiya!

    I too have purchased these nails, but they were the ones without the tabs. They are wonderful! The only complaint I have is that I got the wrong nail bed color. What color did you select for yours?




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