Great Haul under $20.00 (PIC HEAVY)

Last week I went shopping with my partner in crime my mommy! We went to a local fleamarket in my area...The worse part was that I only had $23.00!! Alot of vendors don't take debit and I had to time to pull out cash... I decided to make a challege!

What items can you get UNDER $20.00 lets get started.


Bag  $ 6.00 (This picture is WITH flash)

  • It can fit alot of stuff!!!
  • Its fashionable
  • It's NOT rain/snow friendly
  • It always HURTS people on the bus..lmao 
  • It has no zipper 

The bag without flash

 Relvon Sheer lipsticks $1.00 Each :)

"Super Lustrous® Shiny Sheers® provide the high shine and sheer color of a lipgloss with the precise application of a lipstick"

This is the lightest one out of the bunch.
Sheer Afterglow

This is #
Sheer Cherry Pop

This is one is my favorite!
  # 815
 Sheer Mauvy Star

Lash glue in Clear and Black.
.50 cents each!


Lastly I got earring and a necklace for $3.00!!

YAY!!! I had a $5.00 bill after all this!!
Tell me what you think!


  1. great haul! i love bargains =) btw im jealous of your layout....i love it! i can't ever seem to fix mine

  2. Omg I wanna go shopping with you!

  3. Wow you did so well for 20 bucks!!! Good job :)

  4. you got some great stuff for $20 girl!

  5. cute bag! i never find anything cute when i go to flea markets. :/

  6. wow ! what a bargain !the lippie looks pretty and one 1 bucks??wow !

  7. love the shiny sheers I have two and my fave is also mauvy star!!

  8. You definitely got some terrific goodies under $20...Who doesn't love a super deal! ^_^

  9. AWESOME!!! Don't you love getting tons of stuff with $20?! lol I do it all the time.

  10. 1$ for a Revlon lipstick? What a bargain!

  11. Cute haul! love this! Awesome new goodies. And the deals are amazing!

  12. I've never seen those revlon sheer lipsticks! I can't believe they were only $1. I'm all for bargain shopping

  13. Awesome job! Great steal on the lipsticks and the earrings/necklace. & don't forget the lash glue!!

  14. awesome job hauling! & you came in $5 UNDER budget? You Rock girl! Everything is LOVELY. I would "wrestle" you for those earrings. LMFBO. You made out like a bandit w/ the lash glue. WOW! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hey I nominated you for an award! Be sure to visit my blog to check it out:


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