Wedding: Five things I wish I knew before I went dress shopping

Dress shopping wasn't the disaster I thought it would be. I'm short, got boobs and a small waist. I expected fitting room breakdowns but it never got to that. I had to write this post because no one ever talks about the dress experience. It's definitely something that needs to be addressed. Here are a few tips that I wish I knew before I went shopping.

DO not let anybody tell you what you can or can not wear.
I went into a retailer to talk about the process of booking an appointment and on the spot she judged me. I was wearing an oversized sweater and a puffy parka. Her words were "You're a ballgown girl. Nothing else in here would be flattering on you. Don't look over there". Immediately my confidence was shattered. There is nothing wrong with ballgowns-they're gorgeous but why put me into a bubble before I even try anything on. It doesn't matter if you're 100 pounds or 300 pounds- TRY ON WHAT YOU LIKE! You make the decision what works for you.

Always have a buffer in your budget
Say your budget is $2,500 and you see a dress that is $200 more- plus it fits all the requirements. TRY IT ON! It might be the one.

Don't Settle on your happiness + Take risks
Get the dress you want. You will be looking back on these pictures for a lifetime, who wants to be miserable when they see the dress in pictures. I took an extreme risk with the dress that I chose.. I cannot divulge all the details- YET! But I'm really happy. That's all that matters.

Not every girl cries when they find the dress
I've seen every episode of Say Yes to the Dress. 90% of girls cry their eyes out. I didn't cry at all. I was so confused why didn't I have the same reaction as the people on TV... I even panicked. But just know that everyone doesn't cry..and your normal. 

The proper undergarments make a huge difference.
Need waist definition? Try a corset with a built in underwire bra. So many options out there to smooth out unwanted lumps and bumps. I wrote a great post about what to wear under a wedding dress back in May. It's still relevant.


If you have some dress shopping tips PLEASE leave them below!


  1. I believe it's important to know your body and what works for it in order to choose the right bride dress just like any other dress.

  2. I am not yet married but this is such good advice for future reference


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