How to Prep your Lips for Matte Lipstick

I’m tired of hearing people say that matte or "drier" lipsticks are not for them. I personally think that there is consistency out there that would work for everyone. Whether it be a liquid lipstick or something that applies satin right out of the tube. Trust me... you can make it work.

Here are two ways to make these lipsticks work for you!

Wet your lips with water. 
To get off that dead skin. 
Once the dry pieces on your lips are moisturized. Proceed to step #2.

The second thing to do is to exfoliate. If you have time make a DIY concoction- Do it! Mix honey, coconut oil with sugar- Whatever works for you. If you don’t have the time here are some great brands. Check out below:

Now that dead skin that was on your lip should come off much easier because your lips were wet. Ready to exfoliate? 
After exfoliating, it is always a good idea to let the mixture sit on your lip for some extra hydration. Then remove!

The last thing to do is infuse some hydration. If you’re going to bed I think one of the best products I use is Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask:

Remember my Laneige skincare post
I love that it comes with a nice little silicone applicator. 

You can also try something like vitamin E oil. Before I do my make up I put on lip balm for like 90 minutes. While I’m showering the heat helps soften my lips. Once I am done my conditioning treatment I take a napkin and blot off all the excess so that it does not change the texture of the matte lipstick that I’m trying to wear for the day.

I hope this post helps anyone who truly feels like they just can’t wear a drier lipstick because of chapped lips. If you have any other secrets that you want to share- please share them below.



  1. Have you tried leaving the Vitamin E oil for less than 90 mins?

  2. I always thought that matte lipstick must be soooo dry. These are good tips to get the look without damaging the skin on your lips! Great idea =)

  3. This is very important for wearing any lip product, especially matte lipstick. Great tips!

  4. I always stayed away from matte lipstick because my lips would peel and it just made my lips look horrible under the lipstick. Thanks for the tips! 🤗

  5. Great tips! I usually only apply lip balm right before starting my make up or before putting on lip stick! I will be trying your 90 minute method and see what happens!

  6. Great tips! I usually only put lip balm right before applying lip stick. Your tip to wait 90 minutes sounds like one I look forward to trying!


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