Winners Bargin Haul- Urban Decay for 70 cents!?!?

I love Winners! Since I have alot of USA followers, so I'll give you a little background on winners! Its a mix of Marshalls and TJ Maxx :)

I think its the whole searching to find a good deal is exhilarating! LOL.
The first Item I saw was this nail polish set! I loved the colors but I couldn't possibly spent $7.00 on it since one was missing.

So I got it for $4.99 for the whole pack! After searching the brand "Goldie" online, I found out that they sell at Bath and Bodyworks for $9.00 each. That's a very good deal. Look at the colors close up.

The best thing I got was Urban Decay for 70 cents!!! Did you hear me under a dollar :) That is amazing since it's $14.00 on their website.

I also got OPI RapiDry Spray for $3.00. I found it online for about $20.00. This product has amazing claims:
Make your nails dry in rapid time with this OPI RapiDry Spray. Ensure that your nails are dry and won’t smear before you start using your hands again with this clever nail drying spray that dries your nails to perfection in minutes.
I got a pop beauty eye cake palette (Violet Eyes) for $2.00. I've never used the brand before but the colors are nice.

Lastly, Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in HEAT for $2.50.. another deal.

What do you think of the deals? Have you used any of the products?


  1. jealous. i like deals but never caught one like you!

  2. LOL!!
    Girl in a few weeks you get to show me the ropes I'm excited :)

  3. You're lucky with all the red tagged items :-) Goldie used to be at BBW but it's long gone. Only TJ Maxx and Winners have them. I bought some sets of 3's for $6/set, and later they had sets of 8's for $10. So yeah $5 is great :-) I love Winners

  4. Lucky u...those are super great deals!!!

  5. those polishes look pretty and the bottles are too cute. Can't wait for a review on the Rapid dry! ;)

  6. Great deals! Those polishes are ALWAYS at my Marshalls, I ever bought them though. lol

  7. i never find great deals! you're lucky! lol

    what is the urban decay product you got?

  8. supppaaa nice deal!!
    im so jealous!!
    pop beauty palette usually around 8-10??:)


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