Fashion: under $35.00... "All dressed in Black"

I love black.. I know I am suppose to explore other colors and I do!

BUT black makes me happy :)

Let me break out the outfit:

Boyfriend Blazer  Suzy Shier: $10.00
Tank Dress H&M: $14.95
Super Cute Bow Belt: $6.95
Tank: $2.50
Total: $34.40 

What?!?! That's a steal!!!

If you want to break up the black the best thing to do is add gold!
I added a 5 tier gold necklace from Costa Blanca for $3.00
I also added Layered gold earrings for $3.33

Fab and affordable!

My question for you is:
Do  you own a lot of black?


  1. I have that belt too =D LOVES IT!

  2. You look so chic Jen! I love your style.

  3. LOVE IT!

    And as for your question, a resounding YES I wear a lot of black.

  4. Great outfit... I own too much black! :(

  5. Helen: Isn't it fab!
    Naomi: Thanks soo much <3
    Michelle: Thank you!
    Olivia: Black isnt bad lol!

  6. U look so cute, I love black outfit pieces, I always drawn to choose black in clothing & shoes. It's like u can never have too much black.

  7. I love black too! Black is slimming! ;)

  8. NICEEEE!! I need to take you shopping with me lol

  9. Where's Suzy Shier? I gotta have that blazer... it's totally a steal!!!

  10. Love the outfit Jen. So chic! I definitely own a lot of black,neutrals in general. I have started venturing out for more colors in my wardrobe though. Great post!

  11. all black everythinggg lol
    love it and yes i own lots of black

  12. So fab! You go girl! Somex blacks are hard to match. Some may have a warm base & some more gray or cool. FAB! Thanks for sharing

  13. Super cute!!! I love black too. Its timeless & classy...and the fact that it makes me look skinny doesnt hurt LOL

  14. I love the look!!! The little black belt is adorable!


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