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How to fix a water damaged eyeshadow!

Everyone has that one eyeshadow which looks so much better when its wet. Mine was a single eyeshadow from NYX.

After using it wet for a few months I realized that I didn't like the look of the shadow. I also noticed that it wasn't as pigmented anymore.

I had two options: scrape of the top (risk damaging it) or find a non evasive way to get off the of layer.

After racking my mind for a while I found some masking tape. Check out the results in the video below!

How to Remove Shellac, Glitter and Artistic Colour Gloss Nail Polish tutorial

I love wearing nail polish... but I hate the removal. For years, I avoided polishes with serious glitter or anything with gel. Gel required extra time at the salon for removal. One salon quoted me "$15.00 for soak off removal".

Are you serious?!?
That's the cost of 5 Sally Hansen nail polishes..haha.

Making your own nude Lips and Concealing Eyes using cinema secrets

I am extremely fortunate to have no under eye circles..THANK YOU Jesus. But just because I don't have them that doesn't mean that I should skip coverage under the eyes. I had to learn the hard way on my second photoshoot how important coverage is. Long story short the flash was so bright and it exposed everything! *Sigh*

For coverage under the eyes I used my Cinema Secrets palette in foundation palette 11. Click here to see which one.
I love how it highlight's my eyes without looking chalky! Plus this formula is soft and lightweight.
If your an MUA or a girl who really needs coverage this is a must buy!

Now on to the lips :)

As a woc it's super hard to find a good nude.. they all end up looking really pink on me.. so I decided to make my own!

This is how I did it:
  1. Line your lips and fill in with a lip pencil that is closest to your skin tone. ( I used Cocoa from Amuse)
  2. Apply a MATTE foundation that is your skin tone to your lips. ( I used Ben Nye's Matte foundation)
  3. Set it with powder that is your skin tone. ( I used MAC mineralized skin finish in Deep Dark)

WARNING: Fab pics ahead..I had nothing else to do.. LOL

 So this is what you should look like at step 3...

Lastly add a nude full pigmented gloss (I  used one out of my two faced box)


Your done! Now you can put all the stuff in your traincase to use!

I hope you liked this post! Let me know if you want me to do more like these <3

Do you want to your face to glow and stop an upset stomach at the same time?!?

 I really wanted to say diarrhea but upset stomach was more appropriate! LMAO

On my DIY beauty search for my blog I came across a funny face mask, that might actually work!

Using good ole Pepto Bismol:

"This is a face mask particularly suited for those with sensitive skin. In the same way that this product coats the stomach, it gently caresses the face. Apply it straight from the bottle, using a cotton swab. Allow to dry, then rinse with cool water." Source

After searching the web I found out that Pepto Bismal has:

"Salicylic acid, and if you put a coating on your face, let it set for a few minutes, then wash it off, and your skin will have a mega-glow that shines through even after you put on your makeup,"

What's Salicylic Acid you ask?

Salicylic acid is known for its ability to ease aches and pains and reduce fevers. In other words Asprin!

Now that this makes alot of sense!
I may have to try this

Will you?

10 Quick and Easy steps to pressing pigments!!!(PIC HEAVY)

Hey Girlies,

I've been promising to do this for months now. Forgive Everything is numbered and VERY straight forward. I hope this helps. If you have any questions please left them below!

*Tip: A spray bottle allows you to be mess free!

*Tip: Allow the pigment to get 85% dry before you press it w/ the quarter and bag!

Thanks for reading this post!