Do you want to your face to glow and stop an upset stomach at the same time?!?

 I really wanted to say diarrhea but upset stomach was more appropriate! LMAO

On my DIY beauty search for my blog I came across a funny face mask, that might actually work!

Using good ole Pepto Bismol:

"This is a face mask particularly suited for those with sensitive skin. In the same way that this product coats the stomach, it gently caresses the face. Apply it straight from the bottle, using a cotton swab. Allow to dry, then rinse with cool water." Source

After searching the web I found out that Pepto Bismal has:

"Salicylic acid, and if you put a coating on your face, let it set for a few minutes, then wash it off, and your skin will have a mega-glow that shines through even after you put on your makeup,"

What's Salicylic Acid you ask?

Salicylic acid is known for its ability to ease aches and pains and reduce fevers. In other words Asprin!

Now that this makes alot of sense!
I may have to try this

Will you?


  1. wow sounds neat! let us know once youve tried it! :)

  2. No, way?!?!? What?! I'll try it! Why not?! HAHA. THanks, for sharing!

  3. lol the first thing on my mind is who sits down and thinks to put pepto bismol on their face? It's crazy the stuff that ppl come up with... but if it works, I'd try it!

  4. I will definitely be trying this!!!! Great post!!

  5. Oh wow, I never would have thought that! That was so interesting! Great post =)


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