Fashion Tuesdays: 2010 Trend- Boyfriend Blazer

Boyfriend Blazers are not just for your boyfriend anymore! It's the easiest way to jazz up an outfit.

I got my Boyfriend Blazer for $7.00 at a store in U.S.A called Papaya!

Not sure what to look for when purchasing a Boyfriend Blazer here are a few tips:

  1. Avoid Football shoulder pads! Get blazers with mini shoulder pads or none at all.
  2. Don't be afraid to modify! Add brooches, roll up the sleeves or do up buttons.
  3. Try not to buy a blazer that is not too long or tight! 

Here is a pick from Forever21:

Single Button Suit Blazer

Refined, stylish single-button jacket with a three-pocket design and back slit. A classic look, a timeless essential.

My questions for you are:
Do you like Boyfriend Blazers?
Do you have one?
Where did you buy yours?


  1. Cute! Love the bf blazers.. I used to wear them a lot, but stopped. I bought one recently.. I think a month ago. Awesome post!

  2. I love bf blazers! They're so cute, I got one from Khols.

  3. CUTE! I don't own a bf blazer, I just have regular blazer. lol

  4. Honestly I think there ugly, lol,but I have seen people who wear them and make them look supper kute

  5. mmm i love bf blazers! i've been wearing them to work!

  6. love your blog! gonna follow you now!


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