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TREND: Bomber Jackets

You don't have to be a high school jock to enjoy the bomber jacket trend.
They're fashionable, come in various prints/colours and are pretty affordable.

Trend: Golden Bronze and Nude Makeup

There are a few trends out there which are appropriate for all 365 days. Golden-Bronze is definitely one of them.

I've seen bronze incorporated in to EVERY Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter look.

It has been a while since I posted a beauty look. I had some brand new Golden Bronze shadows from Annabelle/Marcelle and I felt like this would be the perfect time to wear them.

To complete the look I used my Maybelline BB cream in Deep. Since I was going to an event indoors, I decided to matifiy it. Just add a squirt or two of a silicone primer to your BB cream. It works wonders!

I used my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 178 because I couldn't find my concealer. To highlight I used my MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Stick in Gilty Bronze to glow!

Check out what the main items I used:

 This could be a easy back to school "nude" look! 

 Do you own a lot of Golden Bronze shades?

Off the Shoulder tops- Hot or Not?

Here is another edition of Hot or Not? I received really good feedback on my last one about High Buns, I had to post another one!

For as long as I could remember I always covered up my arms. Long story short I hated the shape and always felt odd exposing them.. yeah :| I can't believe I'm sharing that but I know that there is another girls out there who feel the same!

My alternative to was always off the shoulder tops! They're classic, cute and creative :) Plus in my option they can NEVER go out of style.

This picture was taken earlier this month. *I took off the off tank after this pic was taken* The white was throwing me off....LOL.

One of my favorite looks is an off the shoulder top tucked into a high-wasited skirt --->
 Or an off-the shoulder top worn with cute jeans/leggings. 

I found a lot of pictures on-line of Vanessa rocking super cute off the shoulder tops.

Lately I'm feeling her style! She's about to dress up and down quite well.

I get most of my off the shoulder tops from H&M or Forever21.

What do you think of off the shoulder tops? Hot or Not?

Rihanna headband look- Hot or Not?

Spring is right around the corner.. well if you look outside you may say other wise :| It's snowing!!

I forgot to do a winter beauty/fashion trend, so I'm researching what's hot for Spring/Summer. One trend which I am currently seeing a lot is head bands/head ties.

Some people may not know what I of course I had to use the gorgeous Rihanna as an example:

They may not be for everyone but all I can see are pros:
  • Works for all hair lengths and types.
  • Perfect for lazy hair days.
  • They can add flair to an outfit.
  • Affordable!
I had to highlight affordable because you can buy a scarf at most dollar stores for only a dollar!!

So ladies is the headband look hot?

Beauty Trend Watch- Cat Eyeliner

I'm very excited for this trend! This is a trend that can be incorporated into your everyday looks!
I say this because I know everyone can't pull off Dark Plum Lips everyday.

Fall Beauty Trend Watch- Dark Plum Lips

This color is very appropriate for Fall and plays on that ever so popular vampire theme. I love the fact that this is a trend can can be shared by all women.  More importantly you can find this finish in matte, stain, glosses...need I go on!

My recommendation for Dark Plum lips on WOC would be to pair it with gold & bronzed eyes.

My recommendation for Dark Plum lips on fair skin tones would be to pair it with dark eyes to make your eyes pop!

My favorite dark plum lip is faceatelier lipstick in revenge:

So my question to you is how do you feel about Dark Plum Lips?