Rihanna headband look- Hot or Not?

Spring is right around the corner.. well if you look outside you may say other wise :| It's snowing!!

I forgot to do a winter beauty/fashion trend, so I'm researching what's hot for Spring/Summer. One trend which I am currently seeing a lot is head bands/head ties.

Some people may not know what I mean..so of course I had to use the gorgeous Rihanna as an example:

They may not be for everyone but all I can see are pros:
  • Works for all hair lengths and types.
  • Perfect for lazy hair days.
  • They can add flair to an outfit.
  • Affordable!
I had to highlight affordable because you can buy a scarf at most dollar stores for only a dollar!!

So ladies is the headband look hot?


  1. I'll rock a headband! :)

  2. This is a forsure a good luck for the new season!

  3. I'm excited since it means it may be easier to find cute headbands. LOVE headbands to add something extra to a look

  4. love that 2nd headband on Ri! i`m def going to be rocking some headbands this spring/summer. i might switch it up & rock some scarfs too!

  5. I had that same pictured saved for style inspiration lol I say hot =]

  6. I'd rock it definitely hun hav started collecting a few already.love he first one on Ri Ri

  7. I've already rocked this look a couple times. So easy and pratical.

  8. I want to rock headbands, but they keep on sliding off my head :(

    Instead of using bobby pins, which can be pretty obvious, is there any other way that I can wear them?

  9. i want to rock a headband like this but I can't find scarves in my neck of the woods! booo...


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