Update: Growing out the bangs, Pinky Nude lips + Week long blog series :D

These pics were taken at 12 am! LOL.. I went to the salon today for some hair TLC. I got a deep steam treatment...which my hair need badly. 
This time I didn't cut my bangs..I think I'm going to grow them out.

I havent blogged since Wednesday! I apoligize but I wanted to gear up for my week long blog series which starts tomorrow :D

Yay!! These blog post will lead up to valentines day. Whether you celebrate it or not.. these post can just be an inspiration to try something new. I know someone is wondering what the hell I am talking about! You will just have to wait and see until tomorrow :)

I know someone will ask, my top was only $10 from H&M. I love it..reminds me of a vintage piece. In other words my grandma probably had one just like it LOL! I know you cant see the whole thing so I'll do an OOTD with it soon :)

The Pinky nude lip I'm wearing is the Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip shine. I got it at Dollar Tree for a dollar of course. I could kick myself for not buying a few back ups! The color is gorgeous and the price is RIGHT!

Look out for my Valentines Day inspired posts starting tomorrow! Please support it and leave a comment if you can <3

Also I want to say hi to my new followers *wave* I want to get to know you! Say hi and if you have a blog you can leave your URL in this post for me to check out!



  1. Your bangs look nice at this length. Looking forward to the V-day inspired posts.

  2. I know what you mean about growing out stuff, sometimes you just get bored and can't be bothered.

    I look forward to what you have stored for your upcoming posts (:

  3. You look great! I'm looking forward to the posts!

  4. i like your hairstyle now jenn. i think it makes you look younger. :D

  5. Love your hair! Love me some bangs girl! I have a wide forehead. LMFBO. Thanks for sharing

  6. Love your bands girl! You look great as always!

  7. that looks great! your top looks interesting too. i like it :)

  8. love ur hair,ur makeup,ur top&ur smile hun!!!Cant wait 4valentines series

  9. You look cute with bangs Jenn! and...you are growing yours out? me too...but, I just got mine cut 2 days ago, lol, oh well!


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