Revlon Creme Glosses review + Swatches

In my city there is a Revlon Sale almost every week at the flea market. Since I haven't really bought any makeup this year I decided to treat myself to a few goodies. After swatching for what seems like forever I found theses babies on my way out!

What first caught my eye was the pigmentation. I prayed when I swatched it that it wouldn't be sheer and washed out.. They weren't!
The next-generation in lip gloss with both full-coverage color and extreme gloss shine. Collagen complex and light reflecting particles give lips a fuller appearance. Vitamin E and collagen condition for ultra-soft lips. Unique flow-through brush offers smooth, even application. 
My girls on twitter told me that these glosses sell for $11.00+ at CVS. I just want to let you all know I got them for 4 for $10.00.

  • Pigmented
  • Affordable (in my case)
  • Several colors to choose from
  • You need to click slowly
I would purchase again because of the price and pigmentation. In Canada it's very hard to get good quality makeup for under $3.00.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Raisin the roof is pretty! :D You got a good deal.

  2. I only have one, and it is in fuchsia (I think that might even be the name). I love how pigmented it is! That is a great deal. I got mine when it was 75% off.

  3. Cherry Love looks the most wearable but I'm liking Fiercly Fuschia!

  4. They all look beautiful! Perfect spring colours! :)

  5. I love Raisin The Roof, it looks like a beautiful everyday colour.

    I think I'd have to check out my local flea market too.

  6. oooh i want them all! Very pretty!

  7. Theyr all pretty hun,Im in love with Raising the roof please do FOTD with it. Wish these Were available in e UK

  8. Oh wow, those look awesome! I like Raisin The Roof. :) Thanks for the swatches--I'd love to check these out.

  9. What a steal! Fiercely Fuschia is my fave

  10. such gorgeous colors! so great for spring. my fav would have to be cherry tart!

    check out my blog

  11. g2b raisin the roof -- perfect mix of melon and that 60's pastel pop that seemed to be all over the runways. it goes fantastic with complexion! please tell me you bought all three cause i think you could pull them all off magnificently!


  12. Those things are THICK!!! I really like that. The true color really shows up. I'm going to check them out!! Thanks for posting this


  13. I really like raisin the roof
    I have to try that color
    so pretty great post

  14. Pretty colors!!! And wow, 4 for $10?!?!?! Lucky you!!

  15. i want cherry tart super pretty!


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