Beauty Trend Watch- Cat Eyeliner

I'm very excited for this trend! This is a trend that can be incorporated into your everyday looks!
I say this because I know everyone can't pull off Dark Plum Lips everyday.

Cat Eyeliner can look great with a neutral or dramatic look.

My favorite look has to be sported by Rihanna.. Gorgeous!

If you want to be daring you can add colour!
Blues & purple are currently my favs right now : D
So till this day .. I've never done a clean cat eye like this.. *sigh*
At least I have it documented! 

How do you feel about cat eyes?


  1. I love cat eyes. I am going to try that blue look Rihanna is sporting with my MAC Signature Blue Liquid Liner. I am loving the look. You did a great job hon, very precise!

  2. I love cat eyeliner! It's one of my favorite trends this season :)

  3. I really like it! I like how it elongates the eye! ^.^ Too bad I'm terrible at it! MUST PRACTICE!

  4. More: I wish i could do it again lol
    Beatrice: me too!
    Lisa: practice makes perfect hun :)

  5. I actually LOVE cat eyes/winged eyeliner if i could do it! lol.. and i thinkit looks lovely on you!

    by the way - i tagged you/awarded you a blog award:

  6. when i actually do this i always get one eye line str8 and the other always has a mistake lol..

  7. Love it!! I love cat eye.. I can't live without eyeliner.. HAHA.. And the blue is fab.

  8. Love 'em. But my eyes droop downward. I have to spend a whole lot of time trying to get it right. Not giving up though. Love this trend. Thanks for sharing Jenn!


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