Fashion Tuesdays 2010 Trend - Floral Print

If you step into H&M or F21 right now prepare to be bombarded with floral patterns. Floral patterns began to show up in late Spring of 2009 but it's a trend that is here to stay!

Before 2009 I wouldn't be caught dead in floral.. But now it's a must have in my closet..WHY?

It's hip, girlie and super cute!

This dress I got on sale from F21 for 8.00!!


This week's picks are from H&M.
Chick on the left is killing me with the floral over kill but you get the idea! LOL

My questions for you are:
Do you like Floral print?
If no, Why not?
If yes, Where did you buy yours? 


  1. Floral print can be pretty but sometimes it can look totally out of style (like the print could look outdated, idk). It depends. I would wear it though. I just need to drop a little more weight. xD

  2. Cute post! I've been seeing a lot of florals, but not sure if it'll go with me. Worth a shot! Can't wait to try some on!

  3. @Chrissy Stop it I know you would look FAB!
    @Rai I seen your new dress it's pretty!
    @Jasmin Let me know how it goes!

  4. Hmmmm, I've never really wore floral print before, I think I'll have to go 2 H&M and check it out :)

  5. I love it! I was actually looking at floral print skirts & dresses at Target today & I was dying because they were so pretty! I want some floral pieces sooooo bad, but I wanted to save my money for my trip to my local bargain store. Hopefully they'll have some floral prints there because a majority of the clothes they sell are Target brands. Fingers crossed! =]

    Love this dress & the bow. The print also reminds me of ikat. Cuteeee.



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