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Rimmel London Makeup Artist, Vanessa Jarman’s tips for the 2012 Spring/Summer season

 Earlier this year, I got the opportunity to ask Rimmel London Makeup Artist, Vanessa Jarman’s some simple tips for the 2012 Spring/Summer season.

Check out what she has to say about red lips, perfect eyeliner & brows!

SB:How to pick the perfect red for your skin tone (Fair, Medium & Dark)?
According to Vanessa, picking a great red for your skin tone “can be a little challenging at first”. However, by following her simple rules below, it will make the search a lot easier:

For fair skinned people with a blue undertone complexion, Vanessa recommends choosing a red lipstick that is cool. “Blue-reds will work to enhance and brighten your complexion”, she said. Vanessa recommends trying, Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in, Temptation

She also suggests for those fair skinned ladies with a slightly more yellow undertone, “to try picking reds with an orange base as these tones will complement the natural warmth in your skin” she says. Vanessa recommends trying Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in, Alarm

For those medium skin toned ladies with yellow hints to their complexion, Vanessa suggests choosing a warm red lip colour, “as this will brighten your smile and whiten your teeth”, she says. Vanessa believes trying the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Kate Moss #01 Red

For ladies who have darker skin with a slight redish/purple undertone, Vanessa recommends choosing a red lipstick with cooler blue hues to make lips really pop. She suggests using Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Bordeau.

And finally, for dark skinned ladies with a mix of warm yellow and orange hues to their complexion, Vanessa suggests choosing a lipstick to complement skin colour with a warm orange undertone. Vanessa suggests trying Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Red Hot.

Red lips are being worn many different ways from glossy, matte, crisp and bright like Dior, to soft yet bold like Anna Sui's SS/12 runway.

Feel free to follow the rules, or break them!! Whatever tone of red makes you feel hot, playful or sexy - wear it and have fun!

SB:How to make your eyeliner last all day?
When applying eyeliner, Vanessa suggests trying to use a couple of products. If you find your pencil smudges or wears off easily by the natural oils of your lids, “apply pencil first followed by a similar shade in eyes shadow. Simply place the eyes shadow directly over the top of the eyeliner, using a tight small brush so you can be precise with your shadow application.”.

Vanessa also recommends “placing eye shadow over top of your eyeliner when lining your inner waterline. This step is especially important to use when creating a smokey eye, and will ensure an even darkness near your iris and the whites of your eyes,” she says.

Vanessa suggests trying- Rimmel London Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer or the Rimmel London Special Eyes Eyeliners in any shade!!

Pair with: Glam' Eyes Mono Eye Shadow: Jet Black, Dusk, or Plum Romance for a matte finish.
Explore the Glam Eyes HD Pallets: For a shimmer finish on top of your liner. This will add brightness, and dimension to your liner.

SB:The Best Products to use when filling in your brows?
According to Vanessa, “No matter what Rimmel London product you end up using to fill in your brows, make sure you apply it softly,”.

It's important to build up your eyebrow shape slowly, rather than piling on too much from the start. Vanessa recommends for a medium brown to dark chocolate brow – Rimmel London Mono Glam Eyes Pallet in Dusk and for Redheads, she recommends using Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze

How to fix a water damaged eyeshadow!

Everyone has that one eyeshadow which looks so much better when its wet. Mine was a single eyeshadow from NYX.

After using it wet for a few months I realized that I didn't like the look of the shadow. I also noticed that it wasn't as pigmented anymore.

I had two options: scrape of the top (risk damaging it) or find a non evasive way to get off the of layer.

After racking my mind for a while I found some masking tape. Check out the results in the video below!

Make Up For Ever Wild & Chic Aqua Eyes Collection- Limited Edition

If someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas I would put this baby at the top of my list!

I honestly have anywhere from two to five minutes in the morning (If I'm lucky) to do my makeup. Liner is a huge part of my routine. I need it to last long, not smudge or even fade. Nothing is more disturbing than looking at yourself four hours into your shift and noticing raccoon eyes. Definitely not cute. 

I'm proud to report back that MUFE Aqua Eyes Collection is honestly all I needed.

Waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof, Aqua Eyes is an award-winning, creamy, long-lasting eyeliner that truly stays put.

This set contains:
- Full Size Aqua Eyes in Mat Black 0L (black)
- 5 x Travel-size Aqua Eyes in Dark Grey 21L (dark metallic grey), Iridescent Navy Blue 3L (navy blue sheen), Blue With Green Highlights 12L (metallic teal blue), Pearly Brown 2L (golden brown sheen), Purple 11L (metallic purple)

Aqua Eyes Liner Breakdown:

Consistency/ Color Pay off:
  • Creamy- They glide on smoothly.
  • Rich Vibrant colors- You don't need to go over your line twice.
  • Long Lasting - Over eight hours: They last my whole shift!
  • Smudge-proof - It didn't smudge on my lid.
These liners truly live up to the hype. I've tried a lot of eyeliners and currently these are working out the best for me. I gravitate towards the black because I work in an office but it's good to know that I have colors to switch it up with on Friday and the weekends.

At the price of $40.00 CDN which equals $6.67 is a great deal for variation six great liners.

Ladies this is a Limited Edition item! 
So rush to your local Sephora to pick one up ASAP.

Have you tried these liners before?