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Making your own nude Lips and Concealing Eyes using cinema secrets

I am extremely fortunate to have no under eye circles..THANK YOU Jesus. But just because I don't have them that doesn't mean that I should skip coverage under the eyes. I had to learn the hard way on my second photoshoot how important coverage is. Long story short the flash was so bright and it exposed everything! *Sigh*

For coverage under the eyes I used my Cinema Secrets palette in foundation palette 11. Click here to see which one.
I love how it highlight's my eyes without looking chalky! Plus this formula is soft and lightweight.
If your an MUA or a girl who really needs coverage this is a must buy!

Now on to the lips :)

As a woc it's super hard to find a good nude.. they all end up looking really pink on me.. so I decided to make my own!

This is how I did it:
  1. Line your lips and fill in with a lip pencil that is closest to your skin tone. ( I used Cocoa from Amuse)
  2. Apply a MATTE foundation that is your skin tone to your lips. ( I used Ben Nye's Matte foundation)
  3. Set it with powder that is your skin tone. ( I used MAC mineralized skin finish in Deep Dark)

WARNING: Fab pics ahead..I had nothing else to do.. LOL

 So this is what you should look like at step 3...

Lastly add a nude full pigmented gloss (I  used one out of my two faced box)


Your done! Now you can put all the stuff in your traincase to use!

I hope you liked this post! Let me know if you want me to do more like these <3

What is your favorite drugstore mascara??

Lash Blast:

Believe it or not I used to think this mascara was satisfactory I gave it a 6/10.
But as I started to use it more it applied better.
Maybe because there was less product on the brush..

Anyways when I can't find my MAC plushlash this is the first mascara I look for.

What drugstore mascara do you use ?
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What is one beauty product you can't leave your house without??

Mine is LIPGLOSS!!!

I don't care what brand as long as I have it I'm fine!

My lips can't be naked...Not only does it upset me but it makes feel "uncomfy"..LOL.

Let me know what yours is!!

maybe theres someone out there that shares my obsession...lmao.

What's your favorite Department store makeup?

Mine has to be Mac. I admit I haven't really explored alot of other companies. But Mac has so many colors and options to choose from. I admit it can be too much...but there are so many blogs and tutorials to help you. I have a gift card from there...and I dunno wdf to get!
If your a mac junkie let me know what's your favorite item from them.

Not to mention if your favorite department store make up isn't Mac,Let me know what It is and I will check it out!