Best Way to Dry your 4C TWA Natural Hair

If you’re anything like me, you recently went natural and are rocking your cute lil’ TWA, or “Teeny Weeny Afro”. My hair type is 4C and for me that means it’s DRY and shrinks like nobody's business! I always have to make sure it's moisturized and I try to keep it as stretched as possible. This can be tough because my hair has a mind of its own, but overtime I’ve found ways to keep it in that state without too much effort. I’m a self proclaimed “lazy natural” and I just don’t have the energy or care to be worried about my hair all the time. I make it a point to keep my 4c hair in a moisturized, stretched state with the least amount of effort possible!

For this to happen, one of the most important days is wash day because of the drying process. 

When I dry my hair I keep these four steps in mind: Conditioning Comb Out, Damp Drying, Damp Moisturizing, and Stretch Styling.

Conditioning Comb Out
Deep condition your hair four 45 minutes to an hour with a shower cap on. Now, grab a wide tooth comb and detangle your hair while the conditioner is still on. Rinse your hair out, making sure to keep the strands going in the same general direction. You don’t want to tangle it up again!

Damp Drying
Grab a t-shirt and dry your hair to a point where it isn’t dripping wet, but still damp. I’ll admit, I rarely use a t-shirt and just end up grabbing the towel closest to me. The natural hair gods are disappointed, I know!

Damp Moisturizing
Put your hair into sections and moisturise while it's still damp. Seal each section with a great natural oil. Something like olive, avocado, or jojoba- whatever works for your hair. I personally LOVE castor oil because it's thick enough to penetrate my 4c hair and not overly heavy on my strands.

Stretch Styling
Within each section you created, put your hair into a style that’ll stretch it out while it dries. This could be twists, braids, cornrows, threading or banding and you can make as many as you like. After that you can apply more moisturizer to reinforce its hydration. Then put on your hair scarf or satin cap and you're done.

That’s all there is to how I dry my 4c TWA natural hair! This will keep your hair stretched and moisturized without any heat.
 Do you think you’ll try this out next wash day?

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