Deep Conditioning for Natural Hair

I will admit. This is the first time I've been extremely interested in Deep Conditioners. I have a post about my natural hair coming up soon but let's say- it's been a REAL journey. Deep Conditioners are among the hottest thing right now. I truly didn't seem the gem in them until I did major research.

Deep Conditioning for Natural Hair

After my braids, my hair would grow but it really needed some TLC. I thought shampoo and conditioner was enough! The truth is NO! Did you know that deep conditioners give you a large dose of nutrients that are tailor-made to fit each hair type.

Environmental factors and lifestyle breakdown our hair therefore utilizing a treatment builds the integrity back up. Over time you will see your hair becoming stronger. A hair masque has nutrients that a normal conditioner does not have which is a major plus for all especially for the girls who LOVE using heat and protective stylers. The continual use leads to shinier, healthier hair.  Overall masques give you hair a chance to repair and recover from all factors and improve your scalp also.
The key is to understand the needs of your hair and how to use the masques for optimal results. There are different types of conditioners that you can use- My favourite is anyone that comes in creme base.


I'm currently using one from Aunt Jackie. How did I find it? Research!
Get on the internet- find out your hair type and go down the hair rabbit hole.

For example did you know? Deep Conditioning Masques have advantages that everyday conditioners do not touch on. The best way to use them is weekly with a plastic cap/under a hooded dryer or cap for 30 minutes. Why heat? To infuse the nutrient into the inner core of the hair once the heat opens the cuticle. Fyi… always rinse out with warm water then top it off with cold to seal the cuticle.

I'm still a Natural Hair Newbie so I'm learning as I go and sharing the info as I learn!

Do you Deep Condition every week?
Do you have a favourite brand?

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