5 Grocery shopping tips to consider to save you money!

As a new mom, I can definitely attest to the fact that we’re always finding new ways of saving money. I remember when Ava was on formula- it was so expensive. I did major research to cut cut dramatically. Whether that be through discounts, couponing, buying in bulk, we always have to find a way to make things more affordable. Especially the way how this economy is set up (**ahum COVID-19). 

In this short guide, I will be listing 5 shopping items for parents that will save you some money!

Digital/Paper Coupons
These count as a shopping item right? At least, I think so! You can easily save as much as 70 percent on your groceries by combining your purchases with coupons. Websites like honey.com, ebates canada, flipp and even your local grocery stores, will carry coupons available for use. Don’t be afraid to use them! If you would prefer to go the paperless route, then opt for digital coupons to save trees. These can easily be retrieved from your phone and can either come in the form of a photo of the coupon itself, or a barcode that can be scanned through the cash.

Non-branded items
I know that we will always want to stay loyal to the brands we use, but sometimes they’re not always the better priced option. If you want to really save the most on your groceries, look for store branded products, such as Kirkland, President’s Choice, or Selection, to name a few. Baby girl might have to eat Scary-O instead of cheerios if they're not on sale LOL! Still be mindful of the nutrition contents though; you don’t want to just be buying whatever. Keep your grocery list and nutrition goals in mind whenever you purchase from store branded aisles.

Hit up your local farmer’s market
**Pending COVID-19** Believe it or not, your local farmer’s market is a great place to go when you are looking to cut down costs on common fruit and vegetable shopping items. Next time, consider taking a trip down there to see what you can find. It’s always good to have different options, that way you can budget and figure out the places where you can go to save the most money.

Last but not least,

Buy frozen/canned
Buying foods frozen or canned can be super beneficial for many reasons: food doesn’t go bad quickly and therefore can be stored for future purposes. I mostly do this for fruits. Most importantly though, you will end up getting a lot more out of it than simply buying the items individually. If you choose to go this route, it will surely save you a lot of bank dollars!

So here are the 5 shopping items that parents can use to save money while grocery shopping! 
Are there any items you can think of to add to this list?


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