Tips on What to Do After an Eyebrow Disaster

I know I am not the only one in quarantine who has botched their eyebrows. My first attempt was flawless. I was super careful and I had the time to do it. The second time... The baby was crying and I attempted to get the stray hairs out of with a mini scissors?!?! 
I know! 
I took a really massive chunk out but thank GOD for brow pencils!

Today I will be sharing three tips on how to cope with a bad brow situation.

Get some Castor oil on a spoolie brush and apply it to them every night. This will hopefully speed up the process. FYI- They will grow in noticeably thicker so be prepared! 

Invest in a good brow pencil! The FENTY BEAUTY Brow MVP Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler is my current fave! FYI- My colour is Black-Brown ! I usually start with some small strokes to cover the gaps and the blend with the paddle brush on the other side.


LEAVE them alone!!! Doesn’t matter how messed up they are! Do not go back in there! LOL! 
Let them grow out for about 14 days before you touch them again!

Once your brows are looking decent enough to groom again- *If possible go to a professional* or find a technique that works for you! Maybe its a wax/tweeze combo or a threading. Once you find something that works-stick with it! I know these tips are pretty much self-explanatory but sometimes you really just need a friend to come and then tell you what to do haha!

Leave your brow tips below!


  1. Wow does castor oil really work on the brows? I've only used jbco on my hair. Good tips though!

  2. This is such an excellent post!!! The sad thing is that sometimes it is a professional messing my brows up even-though I have a natural arch. I really like these tips. I am going to try the castor oil and the brow pencil asap!

  3. I personally don’t use makeup for my brows but I will definitely recommend this read to my friends that do!

  4. I don’t use makeup on my brows but I’m going to recommend this read to my sisters that do!


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