Five tips you must incorporate or consider when starting your blog

I’ve had so many people come to me telling me that they would love to become a blogger but they don’t know where to start. I’m always flattered that people think that I have the clear path but honestly I don’t... 

As a Canadian lifestyle blogger, I wish I could say I have made over five figures and can show you how to do it. Who knows maybe this is the year I do it or maybe it’s not... Either way if you’re thinking about starting a blog you have to have the basics mapped out and I can totally help you with that. 

Read about becoming a blogger below.

SEO is your best friend. I honestly don’t use it as much as I used to but if you want to be seen/remain relevant- USE it. Here is a BASIC SEO guide I created a while back.

Guest writers are helpful- Not link farm writers. Unless the content is something that you find interesting- don’t do it! Get people just like you! I’m talking about other relevant bloggers who know what they’re doing and want to share their voice! 

Get google analytics helps A LOT!  As I said earlier- I’m haven’t cracked the 5 figure + blogging scale BUT if you want to even be considered for PR. You will NEED google analytics. You can get it for both Blogger and Wordpress. 

Make friends-I missed all the blogging relationships that I made earlier in my career but I’m happy that I’m making new ones along the way. If it wasn’t for those blogging friends- I wouldn’t know about certain things like campaign- events or even general knowledge about apps or software.

Be consistent!!! I laugh at this one because if I can even put out 2 blog post a month... I’m happy. But be BETTER than me! Aim for 8-10 a month! This month -20 was my goal! Be relevant in your field. Be the person that people go to for help/assistance/advice. 

Try your best to stand out. The blogging game is saturated. A lot of us are doing the SAME thing. What’s your story? Gain an audience from that. In the beginning, I wanted to be a resource for Canadian black woman bloggers in Canada! There weren’t a lot of brands catering to us in early 2009. Now I love make up but it isn’t the forefront in my life anymore. I am my own business, I’m married, I’m a much older, I’m a mom and my overall tastes have changed BUT girl... I'm STILL HERE!


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