Blogger Basics: Three Quick Basic SEO Checklist Questions

I hope that you guys are loving my blogger basics posts. I think that I'm going to start doing them every two months. I got a really good response to the first one: Three basic video/photography tips that you should knowOn Instagram, I asked what should be the next topic. One topic that kept on coming up was SEO. It's probably one of the most valuable tools that MOST bloggers don't use.

I remember someone at work calling me the SEO queen. I laughed at first but then it kinda stuck. Why is SEO one of my specialities? 
I went to school for a marketing and e-commerce. Plus for the past seven years- I've been working with a major Canadian client improving and their SEO.

This is something that I actually use daily, 
I'm confident in and swear by it on my Canadian Beauty Blog.

Quick Basic SEO checklist
Three questions you ask yourself before you post!
  1. Is the link reflective of what you're trying to convey?
  2. What about your title?
  3. Your Description is it accurate?
One thing that I always want you to remember is the more descriptive the better.
For example, If you are sending me a blog post about red lipstick.

What keywords do you think would be catchy and relevant to your link. 

Sending me a link with your blog name plus a whole bunch of numbers behind it (not including the date)... is not going help you. Unless you have amazing readers who truly read everything you write without social promotion *two claps for you* Then you might be able to battle my theory.

But overall...
-Tell me about the lipstick. 
-Is the brand important to add? 
-Is the shade important to add? 

This is all something for you to decide.
I know that this is short but hopefully it's helpful!!



  1. Thank you for this quick but necessary tip! It’s not always something you automatically consider.

  2. This is so helpful for new bloggers. I always edit my link to make it more descriptive.

  3. Very helpful!! I need to learn more about seo and utilizing in my blogs regularly.


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