Guest Post: Aura Mugler Eau De Parfum

Last month, I attended the latest fragrance launch by the Mugler brand called Aura Mugler. The event space was transformed into a serene forest escape. There were stations setup throughout the venue that invited attendees to try out Aura Mugler, it's associated products, have faux tattoos of the bottle applied and even have your makeup touched up! It was a great event that allowed attendees to immerse themselves into the scent.

Talk about the appearance
Aura Mugler is the latest fragrance release by Mugler. Aura is a visually shaped heart jewel. This fragrance is presented in a transparent emerald green heart shaped bottle that is sculpted in a way that adds texture and makes light reflect off it as if it were a sparkling piece of jewellery. Thierry Mugler helped to develop the concept of the bottle and what makes it unique is how the heart of the bottle is mounted with the letter "M"; there is a silver band at the top of the bottle in the shape of an "M" that not only adds a decorative element but also showcases the Mugler name discreetly.

The notes in the fragrance
The main notes are: Tiger liana, rhubarb leaf, orange blossom, bourbon vanilla and wolfwood.

The smell
Aura Mugler is the scent of art. It has been developed to take your senses on a bold journey that eventually settles down into a seductive feminine scent. Described as an experience of 3 bold journeys (Oriental, Botanical and Carnal).

Where it would be good to wear it
I would suggest wearing this scent on a night out; on a date, or out for a fun night out with friends. I would not suggest wearing this in an office setting or under hot weather.

Personal thoughts on the scent
As a fragrance lover, the more I wear Aura Mugler the more, I've fallen in love with it! It's a unique fragrance and I'm happy to have added it to my collection. What intrigues me the most about Aura is how it does start off overpowering with a slight masculine feel to it and it then settles into the most sensual scent I've had to date. It's in your face without being in your face. The wolfwood helps to ground all the sweet and tangy scents into a perfume that is delicate yet bold and feminine at the same time.

You can purchase Aura Mugler fragrances in various sizes:
30ml -$85.00 CDN
50ml - $115.00 CDN
90ml - $150.00 CDN

Also what's great about this release is the additional products featuring the scent:
Mugler Aura Body Lotion 200ml - $65.00 CDN
Mugler Aura Shower Milk 200ml - $55.00 CDN

Guest post by Canadian Beauty Blogger Contributor: My Spiced Life- Eseeri

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