Five Places You Should Take Your Toddler This Summer

This is going to be a different summer (ignore the fact that it's almost done) ... I'm low-key stressing with COVID around but overall we have to still get out. I know that a lot of us are wondering what to do with your toddler this summer. Ava just turned two and is super active. 
There is no daycare and honestly we're trying our best to keep her busy.

I did a lot of research and found 5 places you can take your child where you both will enjoy yourselves. 

Beach/Waterpark/Splash pad
If you want to cool off with your child I recommend heading to the waterpark or beach, so you both can splash, swim, and beat the heat in the cool water. Check out the nearest places to your area so you can narrow down the best places to go. 

That's a no brainer. We have actually been twice! Once on foot and once via car. It always brings back those memories from childhood. Also Ava loves the animals! FYI-Finding a zoo that has feedings/a show will be more of a thrill so your child can feel more involved. 

**This is one that will require having you calling ahead of time to find out the new procedure. Going to the museum and seeing the new exhibits can be exciting for your toddler. Heading toward the children museums can be even more of a rush for you both, I remember all the hands-on activities.

For sure they're open** Visiting your local library so they can have a variety of options to choose from is good too. Be sure to check out your local libraries website to find out what days they have toddler story time to give your little one the opportunity to meet other children their age and make friends, and the parents can be potential friends along with the children! All while social distancing!

Indoor Playground
*Find out the cleaning procedures before you choose this one. But definitely an option wIth older toddlers* Searching the web to find the closest indoor playground near you will give your toddler a huge invitation to make friends from a distance! They have tailored areas for each children’s ages and different set of play areas as well as pretend play. 

Finding things to do in the summer with young children can often be a challenge, but hopefully with this article you and your family can find the best places, and even make a schedule to pass through the hot months.


  1. Nice post! I think the library ia a great place for both toddler and caretaker this summer. Can keep both groups engaged.

  2. Such a great post! These are all great places to bring children over the summer. I love doing the zoo by foot. <3


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