Three Home Crafting DIYs to do During the Time that you’re Home

With quarantine being the new normal in so many of our lives, a lot of us are finding that we have way more time on our hands than we’re used to. If you find yourself bored in your house- wishing you had something interesting to do, consider using the extra time to create a better atmosphere for yourself and revamping your space! 

This is the perfect time to get in touch with your environment and create an ambiance that fuels your creativity and gives you a newfound appreciation for your home.

I’ve come up with three easy home crafting DIYs that you can do during your time at home. You’ll be able to get your imagination to work and create beautiful pieces for your place in no time!

Coffee Table Centerpieces

1 Medium Sized Bowl
3 Mason Jars
Decorative Stones
Assorted Candy
Fairy Lights

Decorative Bowl
1.) Grab 1 medium sized bowl of any color and material to your liking and fill it with decorative stones.
We recommended a clear glass bowl with stones that are a solid pop of color, like red or yellow. This creates a clean yet exciting look and you can match the stone colors to the color scheme of the room.

Mason Jars
1.) Fairy Lights: Get 3 clear mason jars and place fairy lights inside of them to create an eye-catching, mystical feel to the room.
2.) Candies: If you prefer a colorful decoration, you can instead fill them with assorted candies, this way you have a range of colors and shapes to choose from. To create a more uniform look you can also choose candies that are one-two colors, like a pack of pink bubblegum candies or chocolates with silver wrapping. The possibilities are endless and they will give you and your guests a cute, fun way to snack and appreciate your hospitality!

3D Wall Art

Painting Canvas
Pencil w/ Eraser
Twine or Yarn String
Hot Glue Gun
3D Effect Options: Rhinestones, Feathers, Pom Poms, Pipe Cleaners, Cloth, Glitter

Acrylic Paint
Spray Paint
Paint Brushes

1.) Get a painting canvas in the size you prefer and sketch out a simple outline of whatever you choose. This could be a pair of juicy lips, flowers, angel wings, a butterfly, or even plain shapes like a circle or square. It’s up to you to choose the type of wall art you would like in the room based on the overall design and feel of the room.
2.) Optional: If you would like to add color to your canvas, you can use acrylic or spray paint to paint the sketch or background for your piece with shapes, lines, and solid colors of your choice. Wait for the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.
3.) Get twine or a string of yarn in any color you want and use the glue gun to outline the sketch with string.
4.) Add rhinestones, feathers, glitter, pom poms, pipe cleaners, cloth, etc. This will create the 3D effect of the piece and you can arrange them wherever you desire to make your string drawing stand out.

Try This!
Arrange a peacock shape with the twine and then grab some decorative feathers and rhinestones to create the tail of a magnificent peacock wall art piece. Get creative and use your imagination to think outside the box and create something absolutely stunning!

Flower Pot Arrangements

Artificial Flowers
Potted Plant
Decorative Stones
Hot Glue Gun

Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Clear Spray Acrylic

Artificial Flower Vase
1.) Fill the bottom of a clear vase with decorative stones
2.) Pace an arrangement of artificial flowers in the vase. Use artificial flowers so you don’t have to worry about keeping the flowers alive or replacing them.
3.) Decorate the vase with rhinestones, ribbon, etc. and a hot glue gun
4.) Place your new vase wherever you would like! It could make a great table centerpiece or decor for your nightstand.

Potted Plant Decoration
1.) Get a potted plant of any species you would like. Real plants in the home have numerous benefits, including stress reduction, improvement of air quality, and reduction of negativity to name a few.
2.) Decorate the clay pot with paint and seal your designs with a clear spray acrylic,
3.) Optional: Add ribbons, rhinestones, etc with a hot glue gun to create a pretty pot that stands out. Pro Tip: For easier bonding, sand the areas of the pot that you will be gluing to with fine-grit sandpaper.

Which one would you try?
Let us know below!

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